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Ex 1: The News and I

I had a remote relationship to the news before EL 227.  Political debates and financial affairs never captured my interest and typically newspapers give you just that:  A mayor said this and money went there and people opposed that and it's all jazzed up for us to read about today.  The only time I've ever been excited about the newspaper was when I waitressed at Denny's on saturday Late Nights.   You see, there is something wonderful inside a Sunday news edition--coupons!  Tucked between the nasty debates and the comics, you will find a pamphlet full of money saving oppertunities.  Oh, the little things in life that bring joy.  

So, I like the Sunday news for it's perks.  I will also tune in to the TV news whenever I've been warned by my mom, who watches everyday to see"The Pennsylvania Lottery" drawing at 7pm, that a bad weather is headed our way.  In her motherly tone she will say, "You better be careful going to school tommorow, April.  I mean it; they said we are supposed to get 3 inches of snow, and you can't see black ice.  Why couldn't you have went to Penn State, Fayette?  It's so much closer"  I am what my fiancee calls a "non-driver," and that's without challanging driving conditions.  If you think I exagerate, I did this on a wet road in 2001. 

I recall, several times on Saturday mornings, in  the first few months of the year waiting for Channel 4 and their sophisticated weather system to tell me it's safe to drive to class.  This is why my exercise showcases news weatherforecasts.  I learnt in Greg Byron's essay that weather is often exaggerated in the news to elicite an emotion--fear.  All I could think after reading that was how cruel.  Can you imagine, many memebers of the older generation, like my mom, needing no help reaching a panic over icy roads, are being emotionally solicited to ensure they stay tuned.

My posterboard  is walpappered in upside-down newspaper print to represent how sometimes what we watch is non-sense, like trying to read upside-down.  Inside I quoted statistics on Doppler Radar, showing how expensive it is and what it actually does.  There are comic cartoons that make fun at news forcasters.  And choice quotes from Byron's article.    

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