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I'm glad Dr. Jerz offered this information, even though it may seem somewhat like common sense: Extraordinary over Ordinary.  Having the clear division helps to see what is in and what is out, as far as news.  For instance, I would have believed something never known for 200yrs and recently uncovered could qualify as newsworthy.  I can see now how it wouldn't be suitable for news.  Let's summarize!

What equals Newsworthiness?

1.    Extraordinary events

2.    Notable people

*More is better for 1 & 2

3.    Events impacting many

4.    Proximity determines relevance

5.    RECENT, not ongoing

6.    History is not news

Class responses


Good job summarizing, April. If someone is publishing a book about this 200-year-old find, or a community is dedicating a monument, or trying to raise the funds to correct an inaccuracy on a plaque, then any one of those things might qualify (on a slow news day) as a "news hook" to make this 200 year old find newsworthy. Even so, you'd lead with the recent event -- the news.

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