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Group #2 composed of Megan, Jessie, Katie, Kaitlin, Richelle, Cory, Angela, Matt, and Ashley. Each gave thoughtful contributions to what makes the news relational or not.

Angela revamped a LIFE cereal box to express her experiences with the news.
Katie wrote a short story describing how the news can be hurtful.
Kaitlin talked about the fact she has never had a strong relationship with news.
Jessie, although a journalism major, expressed her lack of interest in news writing.
Megan, also a journalism major, felt similar to Jesse, but noted she accepts news for what it is.
Cody discussed the effects 9/11 had on how he appreciates broadcast news.
Matt acted out a monologue to convey his opinions on news.
Ashley, another journalism major, said she catches the news on a need to know basis.
Richelle was a sports editor and got her news habits from her family, who watch the new often.

  Only Angela appeared to be very connected to news, clear from the stories she held in her box.  Overall the theme held that most everyone understands the negative elements in news, but also comprehends there is value in it.  It was shocking to see all the journalism majors didn't love the "news" aspect of their career choices.   I think this class might broaden our ideas on news, and perhaps remove or lighten our biases.   


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