Portfolio 2: The Coverage Continues

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Portfolio 2: The Coverage Continues


cute news.pngThe first portfolio introduced news for what it is and taught how to deliver it.  This portfolio will show the continuation of those lessons, but it will also demonstrate how to apply them effectively.  As a class, we've been composing news stories and editing them, trying to impart a working knowledge of the new material discussed in both blogging portfolios.  Because much emphasis has been placed on crafting the news story there were less blogging opportunities.   But quantity doesn't equal quality, right?  I've discovered fundamental lessons on language and style from the readings and their resultant blogs and learnt that time constraints should not become an excuse for sloppy writing.     

Less in-depth, but fulfill the blogging purpose.

How the news relates to "THEM"

On the spot brings it home

To quote or not to quote, that is the question




Rule #1: There Are No Rules




How the news relates to "THEM"


On the spot brings it home


Story Pitch


I spy - THREE


To be continued...


Entries others could relate to, disagree with, or expand on.


Angela Palumbo said, "This is a really detailed and well-written entry, April. Kudos to you!"

I spy - THREE


Here I ask a question to which classmates respond:



Subjects I found useful and pondered over longer.


Advice from the text really sparked my interest:

The vanity of authorship


I took my time in observing the layouts and offer my opinions as to why color-patterns are important.

I spy - THREE


My contribution to classmates blogs.

In Matt Henderson's blog the conversation considered why the tabloid layout  sends out an untrustworthy vibe.
Better because we're Irish

On Michelle Tantlinger's entry:  "Excellent example, Michelle. Something that might seem limited to California transcends state lines."
Hitting Home

On the perspective of villains and victims in Richelle Dodara's blog:
A Learning Experience for the Reader, the Possible Victim

Blogs where I provide links to further info reinforcing the subject, topic or theme:


I spy - THREE

Give credit when it is due:

On the spot brings it home

Wild Card

Following the news cycle
To be continued


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