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Sensitivity can be learned.  Newsrooms should hold training sessions that will teach staff members that will ask the kinds of good questions suggested by the experts. (37).

When I first read this, I thought isn't it horrible that people need to be taught how to be sensitive.  Then, I thought about it in relation to the reporters role and job responsibilities--time as a motivator, etc.  And I remembered something I did unthinkingly while trying to get quotes for the current article.  After the "Music Reborn" concert ended, I approached Dr. Scheib for a quick interview.  I was so nervous that I jumped into my questions without even considering to compliment him on the amazing performance he gave--something that would have been polite and deserved, not just mere flattery.  It didn't even register that my voice recorder had replaced my manners, until a lady came over and said what I should have.  When she finished with her praises, I chimed in with my own, but I realize now that by not having done so sooner, I may have come across as rude.  If I'd been more sensitive, maybe he would've gave more generous  responses to my questions.  I'll never know.  This isn't a serious case of insensitivity.  Still, I've always thought myself quite considerate in my conduct with others; because I was in an unfamiliar situation (playing the reporter), I acted in a way that was uncharacteristic of me.  So, the moral, I guess, is don't think, "Oh, I would never do something like that!"   

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