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I skimmed over several news pages debating what would and wouldn't be a prevalent topic for the next few days.  Just to be safe, I'm jotting three articles that hint at possible follow-up stories.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009
By Gabrielle Banks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  "Mt. Lebanon teen in hammer attack sent to detention center," an online-article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, explains conditions that will lead to a decision for a 2007 case, in which an 18-year-old youth attacked an ex-girlfriend with a hammer.  There is only a one partial-quotation from a psychiatrist provided.   On the web page it promises more details in tomorrow's paper.  Hopefully, there is more story to be told.

By Bobby Kerlik

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mt. Lebanon teen in hammer attack sent to juvenile detention center
"Robertino DeAngelis, 18, will be placed in the state's New Castle Youth Development Center, where he could be housed until his 21st birthday."
Common Pleas Judge Kim Clark will reevaluate the case every three months.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Rich Cholodofsky, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Arrest in Loyalhanna Township triple killing called 'priority'" talks about 3 unsolved murders and police reassurance that the murder will be found out. It's a pretty solid article.  I just wonder if it will be a while before we hear about it again, because it may depend on the progress of the police investigation.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
By The Tribune-Review
(no individual writer was given credit)

"Coroner: Beaver County boy found in septic tank had drowned" is, in my mind, sure to be a topic of lengthy conversation.  People care about what happens to children.  Any death is tragic, but the loss of a child is tragedy against innocence.  Plus there has been no determination of death, whether it was negligence, homicide or accidental.  On a more human note, I can't help but feel how awful the reality of this story is. 

By The Tribune-Review

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The boy's cause of death has been determined as a drowning, by the Beaver County coroner.
Authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the drowning.  Police say it is possible the boy was able to move the septic tank lid on his own. 

Also, this story has been in cycle since September.  Coverage includes the discovery of the boy's remains, the funeral ceremony and the placement of Wyatte's siblings into foster care.

Links to said articles:

Mourners stress boy's loves in Beaver funeral

Siblings of Greene Township boy found dead taken into custody (This doesn't want to link-up for me)

Beaver County child's remains discovered in septic tank; father held


On a lighter, non-news-cycle related note:

Russell Crowe is filming a new movie near Fayette County and was within a short driving distance of my home Sunday and Monday!  I thought that was a very cool thing.  The movie, "The Next Three Days," follows a married couple's troubles after the wife is accused of murder.  The film is said to be shooting in Western Pennsylvania until December.  Exciting, you don't have too many celebrity sightings in Fayette County.

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