To quote or not to quote, that is the question

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"Good quotes should summarize what's on a person's mind, crystallize an emotion or attitude or offer an individual perspective."  - Rene J. Cappon, Guide to News Writing

 When and how to quote sources, appropriately, is tricky for a beginner.  Chapter 8 answers questions like how to use partial quotes and when to paraphrase.  I think most of the class, probably, appreciated this section with the Homecoming article due.  With my first attempt at the assignment, I kept trying to sandwich quotes between unneeded signal phrases and justifications.  I also, quoted information better left to a paraphrase.  The transition to news writing requires a different approach than academic writing, as was addressed early on.  However, I've always learnt best from trial and error.  Maybe, I'm a slow learner.  I just find seeing less impacting than the act of doing.  Hopefully, though, I won't need to address too many more personal mistakes before these points sink in.


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