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What can I say about The Cavalier Daily? Well, I'm not too excited about the setup.  I'm not sure what it is precisely that puts me off about it.  Maybe it's that the article spacing looks chunky.  (Is 'chunky' acceptable criticism?)  All of the photographs are at the top of the home page, which is boring as you continue to scroll down.  It is missing something by way of format that delivers a message of serious journalism, in my opinion.  Not intending to be too harsh, but the appearance lacked an appeal that would make me want to stick around and peruse the site.  

A few corrections that might lessen my disinterest:

·         Tighter (writing) word spacing

·         Article briefs below the title need to be given less presence

·         More creativity in photo/video placement



Jennifer Prex said:

I guess cutting down on some of the space between the articles could work, but I think it would seem too crowded if they were too close together. I do definitely agree about the pictures. It seemed odd that they were all grouped together at the top of the page.

April M. Minerd said:

There needs to be a happy medium between The Crimson and The Cavalier's article placement, something not too crowded but with enough content to grab viewer interest.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I agree completely. It was such a boring site. I mostly blame the layout. They didn't even use interesting fonts. I can understand why it's nice to include white space--because I did think the Crimson was a little crowded, but at the same time, this site was just awful. And I really hated that you had to scroll down to see the rest of the news headlines.

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