Media Lab: Anonymous Writing

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This weeks Media Lab assignment touched upon the issue if it is acceptable to use anonymous sources in news writing. This is one particular section in the reading I would like to discuss because I always was taught to never use an anonymous source in Journalism writing. I was taught that if the source wants to be anonymous than the quote should not be used. However, there are still news writers who do use anonymous sources, and in many ways this may add a bit of controversy.

Many people may wonder if these anonymous sources are actually credible. Some may say if there is no other option to get the gist of the story, than anonymous writing is acceptable. I believe that there is always a way of getting a credible source, and also ways to avoid having to use an anonymous source.

This issue still lingers through news writing, and I believe that there always will be an issue with it. The main fact is to see if anonymous sources are or are not acceptable in news writing. 

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