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In the latest reading assignment for Media Lab, the text talked about how many people are unexpectedly thrown into the media. It could be a breaking story in the news about some horrific event happening in the world today. An individual who may be apart of this event immediately is thrown into a world where now their lives are no longer private. Every time they step outside of their house, they're immediately surrounded by reporters and paparazzi. They have no idea what to do, and they begin to panic. They don't know what to say, and then they accidentally say something they shouldn't have. Soon it is then on the cover of almost every magazine out. 

This is probably the dilemma of many celebs, and even normal people being thrown into a situation that has now become public. However, I believe if an individual's situation is extremely personal, reporters should respect that, and give them the space they need. Unfortunately, it is the reporters job to get the details of the story in order to make their story as appealing as possible. 

But when does this become too much?

The text also touches upon how children should receive special treatment from the press. I definitely agree about that. It may become too much for that child. And being bombarded by the press about an issue that is sensitive to them, may become a big issue. 

All in all, many individuals may not be able to escape the gruesome experience of having their private lives made public. So how can reporters get the information they need without stepping over their boundaries? 

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