Why is Hard News Always Bad?

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This weeks Media Lab Assignment touched upon an issue about hard news always being negative. Think about it . . Whenever you turn on the TV, and change the channel to a news station, what do you always here? Most likely a devastation of some sort in the world today. Whether it is war, or a shooting in a nearby neighborhood, there will always be something negative in the news today. 

Writing for the newspaper for my high school, we always knew how to balance hard news with negative situations as well as positive. However, picking up your daily newspaper before you go to work, you would probably see a breaking story in the news today on a new issue that is going on in the world. Rarely do you see a possible event on the cover of a newspaper. Mostly likely, you would find that in a small column on the inside of the paper. 

But the question is why is news always bad? I'm just waiting to see when this will change !

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