Negative Bias

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Have you ever read the front cover or open a newspaper and the first thing you see is an article about a disaster thats occurring in the world, or an event that you heard of that is now plastered all over the news and magazines? Hard news many times portrays a negative bias. In the beginning of the passage reading they first mention a scenario. Suppose that 100 citizens attended a municipal government meeting and 95 agree with the position the city council has taken. However, the remaining five protest against it. The next morning most likely the news story will only focus on the negative aspect of this. This part really brought up a good point about hard news stories. They try to focus on the negative part of anything to try and grab the attention of the readers. It was also mentioned that 25 to 30% of responses regarding unfairness leaned towards editorial writing. Some examples people mentioned were not from news stories but surprisingly from columns and news analysis. Complaints on bias stories will never end. Some are so passionate about it that there will never be anything a news department can do that will be enough for there taste. I believe that there will always be a negative bias towards news writing whether it is hard news or editorials. The next time I open a newspaper I do plan on readers some of the articles and seeing if they carry a negative bias. 

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