Ashley, on "Shade".

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                On the pages that I read Douglass seemed to point out a lot of details about Plotkin's Shade. Because I was not able to beat the game, he basically told me how the game ended which was okay since I do not think I would go back and play it. Games that confuse me or do not get my immediate attention are not that appealing and it is hard for me to stay on track. Games that are not my idea of 'fun' are frustrating instead of just giving my brain a good work out. As I read how the game ends, I wondered exactly how Plotkin came up with that crazy storyline. I mean a whole story about the apartment being an entire illusion?! Mind boggling. Designers of video games need to have a great imagination for their work. They develop storylines that have to keep people entertained for hours upon hours. Television writers and screen play writers have nothing on a game designer. I believe that any team of people who can keep one's attention for such a long period of time really have a mental gift. It takes hard work and that is something lets say, Mr. Ebert, should take into consideration.

"There are many ‘you’ roles to explore. Infocom’s catalog eventually encompassed a wide variety of generic tropes (including detective fiction, espionage, fantasy, romance, science fiction, and space opera), often with corresponding characters to become."

                This is basically the guidelines for any video game. I have noticed in almost every game that people play, you are playing a certain character. The character may not look like you, but you yourself are that person, you take that identity the first time you play. Many different games have different types of characters some of which you can choose, like fighting or driving games. It is nice to choose your character sometimes because it can suit you more. For instance, I always pick the girl character because I am a girl. It sometimes is weird when you are playing a guy involved in some type of love story, but when I am really into a game I do not notice it. That is how much the designers capture you into their game; you do not even realize who you are in real life, because at that moment you are Link, Mario, or whoever you choose to be. 

Douglass on "Shade"

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