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           Up to this point in this book, it has been a hard reading for me. Laurel's use of words confused me and she gives them her own defined meanings. I do, however, see her as a strong well-defined woman. I can look up to a woman who created a business solely for the purpose of little girls. As I was growing up, I played a lot of video games and was very good with computers. I wanted to be like my dad and brother. My first computer game was Moneytown. It was a game that could be enjoyed by girls and boys equally. Next was Barbie Makeover. I LOVED this game. I could change the hair color, put make up on her, and choose her jewelry. I would also sometimes try and make her the most hideous thing that the game would let me make her. While I am of ethnic background I always chose Teresa over Barbie, but basically they are the same thing. So naturally the part of the book that really stuck with me was Laurel's opinion of barbie.

"Barbie represents possibilities to girls -- Fashion Model Barbie, Teacher Barbie, NBA Barbie, Dentist Barbie, Working Woman Barbie. She can be whatever a girl wants to pretend she is -- a plastic-limbed scaffolding for imaginative play. Nevertheless, I hate her."

            When I played with barbies I never really thought I should be like her. I chose my barbies according to how they would fit in a scene I acted out with them. I had soap opera-like stories in my head, and I would act them out with my barbies. I always made them dramatic like Ken cheated on Barbie with Teresa and Barbie would find out, losing her best friend. I watched a little too much TV when I was younger. The only barbie I think I ever wanted was Veterinarian Barbie because I have always enjoyed animals from childhood and knew I wanted to be a vet. That is beside the point. I never wanted to be like Barbie. I never thought I should look like her or be skinny like her because no one ever told me I should look like her. I played with her, she was a play toy. I think that parents are the ones who put into their child’s mind that kids feel like they should look like barbie. They tell their kids that they can not play with her or they will become anorexic. I do not understand the psychology of the mind, but I would want to become skinnier because of the real people I see on TV or in the magazines...not the toys that I play with because they are simply..fake. 

Laurel (to page 65)

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