Blogging Portfolio 3

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My Blogging Portfolio 3


            A lot has happened through out the J-term semester. I have read a total of four intense books, most of which I enjoyed. I have honed in on my critical thinking skills. I have given my opinion which has been respected by my peers and I have respected my peers opinions. It was an emotionally moving class that has talked about issues affected us today. We (my peers and I) accomplished all this with in the four week limit. The best thing about this class is that it was about VIDEO GAMES.



Much of my past blogs have been very much in depth. Here are a list of my past in-depth blogs:

May the Force be with You, Realism, Video Games as Art? Pffft, Super Mario World, Ms. Lara Croft, My Role Model, Just Another Text Game, and Disagreements. My explanations can be found in my past blogging portfolio. I expressed my feelings about a subject and took it another level. After the last blogging portfolio, my most in-depth article was about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I did an analysis of the game and pointed out aspects of the game that made it so wonderful. It was enjoyable to write this article because LOZ is one of my favorite games. Another in-depth article was Household Decorating. This article also meant something to me because it was refute of my final essay. As I started reading Persuasive Games, I wanted to be truthful about what I read. I explained in Persuasive Games..Chpt 1 that the book was a very difficult read and how I felt about the book.



Interaction with my peers is very important. Commenting on your peer’s blogs allows them to see what other think through different lenses. These are some of my past interactions: Wikipedia edit, Shade? Interesting, Flustered, Video Games as Art? Some say No?, Mr. Ebert,  IF/if/id = harmony,  Cadre and Short, and Plotkin's "Shade". These were all great interactions that were made by me and my peers. Not very many new interactions have been made because I was away for a few days. A few days goes along way in this fast paced course. In Juul is finally done I answered some of my peer’s questions that they had for me. It is very fun answering my peer’s questions. It is also fun to comment on others comments of my blogs, as seen in Persuasive Games..Chpt 1.



XenoBlogging is the best factor of this class. It is not just interacting with your peers but giving them in depth comments. You can find some of my old xenoblogging in my older portfolio. Not much xenoblogging has been done between my peers because I think a lot of us have slowed down and are becoming exhausted. One recent xenoblog was on my article Household Decorating. My peers not only commented on my article but asked questions. I answered these questions in-depthly to everyone who asked. Also no articles have really been debatable enough to question.



My past blogs can be found here. The rest of my blogs written since my last portfolio can be found right below:

Online Presentation.           Presubmission Report.

Persuasive Games..Chpt 1       FatWorld.

Household Decorating.           Juul is finally done.

Differences Between New Games Journalism and Original Reviews

The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess


This has been a really great class and I enjoyed taking it. I would take this class again if it was longer so maybe I had more time to concentrate on my readings. It was a great four weeks, and I wish everyone the best of luck in the new semester.


Great portfolio, Ashely. It's been a real treat watching your thought processes develop and seeing how you, as a science major, responded to the more conversational nature of a humanities class. As you can see, humanities classes can be intense in their own way, and as with just about anything that humans do, the more you put into it, the more you get. So I think you have every right to feel proud of your accomplishments.

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