Changed My Mind About Text.

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The introduction Dr. Jerz gave really changed my mind about text-based games. I really understood what kind of work has to go into those games and that they really serve as the basis for many of the games that we play today.

"Walking into a room rendered in the Q3 engine can be lovely and impressive, but when you've only got 16K to tell a story, you have to rely on the gamer's imagination to provide the details. Just the words "You are on a beach" can summon vistas no game can provide. "

That is a quote that Dr. Jerz pointed out and I really understood. I wish I had a great imagination to play a  game with so many choices and so many different ways to play. I know there are games out like that now which give you different ways to finish a game but there probably is not as many choices as text. I don't think, however, I can go out and play a text game now because Im so accustomed to what I play now but I would definatly look at it a different way.


Scott Adams was an interesting character. He throughly explained how much work it takes to put into a text game. It was funny how he poked fun at his own graphics but he has to have a great imagination to make games like that. I wonder what games would be like if he did the storylines for todays games. I do think it is important to have other people's opinions on your project. Something only you yourself worked on is only going to be great to you and not marketable. The bear joke was funny and it weird how only 3 letters could make a difference in a game back then.

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