May the Force be With You.

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   Well the regualr game reviews are uspeting because they tell me what is happening on what level and how many secrets there are to the game. There is no deep meaning to a review, its just Now while I am a Star Wars fan, I was entirely interested in Bow Nigger by Ian Shanahan. His words captured me and got me really into what he was talking about. As previously stated by me on one of my refecltion papers, NGJ makes you feel like your in the game and experiencing it, not playing it.

"A beep and a server message: Wanker has disconnected.

I can only dream of the howls of anguish so far away.

My next opponent spawns. And bows. A chat icon appears.

"Awesome" he types." 

This except from Bow N*gger actually shows a lesson that can be learned from games, perhaps something that can pertain to real life. For example, "If you play by the rules or fairness, your share of winning or good fortune will come." NGJ authors express their feelings about certain instances playing video games. I really enjoy reading them. It shows that maybe viokent games could perhaps lead to a more peaceful state of mind.


Brandon Gnesda said:

I like the way you ended your entry, mentioning that violent video games could lead to a peaceful state of mind. You always read in the news about people blaming games for violence that exists today. That article showed that rather than using derogatory remarks back the person simply continued to play the game. Their gratification came from winning a hard fought match, something that is refreshing to see.

Derek Tickle said:

I also agree with you about how maybe violent games could lead to a more peaceful state of mind. This is important to consider because researchers always say how bad violence is in games, but just because there is violence doesn't mean it has to be bad. Just as you noted, Ashely, it can make a person think different. As stated in your quote, "A chat icon appears. "Awesome" he types." What a different response this was compared to the other ones that he made earlier. His attitude seemed to change as the game continued. I also agree with you about traditional game reviews because they seem to just be for the marketing aspect instead of the in-depth personal review. Good connection made with the text!

Zach T said:

I feel the same way as you about violent video games giving a player a peace of mind. I think that when people play these games it gives them a sense of power, their doing something that in reality would never fly. They'd be dead or in jail. These games make people explore their imagination to see how far they can take something, like death. The NGJ authors give a different light into gaming, making the experience and review more personl.

Zach T said:

It interesting how you said that violent games could possibly lead to a peaceful mind. I can agree with this. I think that these violent games give way to pushing people minds to the "killer" instincts. It not likely that the average joe will go around shooting monsters in public. These games let people live out their fantasy or dark side. With the NGJ, the reviews are more personal, give one a different take or perspective of a game. Makes the game more appealing.

Kevin said:

I am glad that you selected this passage. I was considering using this, but opted against.

Beyond the realm of simple game reviews, NGJ certainly provides an aspect of sensationalist journalism/propaganda, which this article partly reflects. However, would you agree there is some value in being part of a movement or a motion in game (as was described in the article) and rising above simple taunts?

It doesn't cleanly boil down to the responsible people and the irresponsible people who play games online, but as with everything else in the universe, you cannot have one without the other. You cannot have the upstanding gamers without having the ones who enforce a stereotype and make the rest of us look bad.

Online gaming is rather Taoist.

Ashley F said:

I believe that there is some vaule in rising about simple taunts. It shows that you are better then that person then to stoop down to their on disgusting level. If someone called me a n*gger, I would not call them a n*gger back. I would probably tell them to get a life and walk away more then anything. Now I would not consider the bad guy of this article to be irresponsible nor the author to be responsible. I would just clearly define them as respectable and disresepctful. Even though the author whooped that guys butt he did it in a fair respectable way. I do agree you can not have one without its opposite.

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