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This reflection will not be long because I did not finish playing FatWorld. The graphics lagged on my computer and caused me a major headache and dizziness. Certain games do that to me. However I did get through the first half of the tutorial and I took some notes on what things I noticed and how they affected me. The first thing I noticed is that when I went to create my character it started me off as a 62 year old obese male with all the health condition and on top of that I was middle class. That describes a good part of the population in America today. After seeing the male I changed it to a pink haired girl in the likeness of me. When I choose my girls weight, I noticed that underweight was the most aesthetically pleasing. It also made me feel that I was underweight since I am on the thinner side. I do not consider my self skinny or underweight, but do you have to have a gut to be normal? I guess that is why they call it FatWorld.

As I continued playing there was the projects, suburbs, and estates. Fatworld has all the classes in this fictional world make which makes it even more realistic to our world. When I chose my foods I figure I could choose what was most appealing because I was 'underweight'. Is it not what they say in America? That only the thin and starving can eat what they want and be healthy. I do not think people want to lose weight to be healthy but rather lose weight to be more appealing to the public. The most common word used after fat is ugly. 'I am fat and ugly.' I do not think this is true. I think people are beautiful in every shape and size. However Fatworld showed me that obesity in America is indeed getting out of hand. McDonalds and Burger King make it worst because they make unhealthy food available to the public for cheap prices and all hours of the day. Who really is to blame? Is it the government, fast food chains, or just the people who choose to eat? 



Derek Tickle said:

Hi Ashley! I like how you listed the steps of the game as you went through it. I found "Fatworld" to be somewhat designed for younger children. This is because of the graphics, commands, and how slow the simulations seem to be. I found your last question to be very interesting. I think that the people choose what they want to eat and how much. This is a very debatable topic, but even though there are fast-food restaurants out there does that mean people have to eat at them? I think that people choose to eat at certain places whether the food is unhealthly or not. I would be interested in seeing what the other classmates say about this topic. Either way, I see all people the same no matter what shape or size. Good question!

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