Interative Gaming means Text?

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Wow. When I went the outline and saw Interactive Fiction it definatly did not click that it meant text games. Im glad I actually read that article, lol.

"But having already played Infocom's three dozen titles, and maybe a few from other text game publishers of the time like Level 9, Topologica, and Adventure International, what were devoted IF fans to do? As the graphics-heavy titles dominating the market took over the professional sector of electronic gaming, inevitably some enthusiasts began writing their own games."

It made me feel bad like I was neglecting part of the gaming world. I think that this neglect has maybe made people a little less imaginative over the years. For example, kids back in the day played 'House' with a cardboard box. Now kids actually have their own little houses to play in. Does anyone think that toys are making kids smarter or dumber? Not a stupid question but if a kid can't figure out something for himself or has no imagination then whats the world going to be like?


Kevin said:

I like the point you make about how children will play "house" (the building, not the funny teevee show on Fox) with just a cardboard box.

There is some research behind it to explain the curiosity and inventiveness of children when it comes to using the imagination. As we grow older, we begin to dissociate with that part of our mind - not entirely, but enough that we have a difficult time making something out of completely nothing.

IF games do feed off the imagination. While IF games present you with minimal description, it allows the player to create their own world. This does not always work, but sometimes it does. If an IF game went into Tolkien-like depth in describing every time you type >look then you would never get anywhere because you would have to type >examine mushroom, >examine small mushroom, >examine leaves, >examine mouse, etc etc.

To your last point...obviously, this is going 398589074 steps too far, but I fear the world will become like the film "Idiocracy" portrays - a world of complete and total morons.

Ashley F said:

I do not believe that I have seen that movie but it sounds enjoyable. Yes, it is hard for adults to remember their childhood imaginary fun. I still try and remember why exactly I used to play with barbies. I remember making up stories or drama and having my barbies play them out. Playing barbie was not only a solitary activity but I used to play with my cousin. I still tried to retain most of imagination and my friends totally see it. I pretend I’m a secret ninja sometimes and I can stay in character for quite a while. I think that most people should not lose their sense of humor because all in all they will lose their sense of fun. Laughing makes you live longer and happier. Games make me smile and make me laugh when people around me do not want to or think it is childish. Games are a good way to tap into your child hood.

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