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Jerz, "Somewhere Nearby Is Colossal Cave"

"Nevertheless, many things that “Adventure” players enjoyed — logic and resource-management puzzles and the exploration of a complex virtual topography within the context of a framing story — remain staples in adventure, role-playing, and multiplayer game genres."

  The definition of nerd is what the quote means. Of course, I am just kidding.  However the points that he makes are exactly what gamers looked for in the past and what they look for now. A game is not fun if it does not challenge your mind. Would anyone go back and play a game they have already mastered in their childhood? Not really unless you are going to reminisce.

I think that those games are more exciting and compelling when you are trying to overcome a challenge. They give your mind a mini work out as your mind is also having fun. When you overcome challenges this supposedly makes your brains release endorphins making you seem or be 'happy'. When computers first came out they were a task in its self to learn how to use them. One someone mastered the most advanced technology of the time, what were they supposed to do for fun? That is when Will Crowther invented his game Colossal Game Adventure. Even though his game was not intended for these purposes, computer wizards LOVED it once they discovered it. I understand perfectly how they felt. I learned how to use a computer from a young age. I remember the .dos program that used to be on my computer. My first computer game was called Moneytown. It was the best game I have every played. I had to play games and earn money to fix up a town. That was my first experience with video games in general. I could not beat it until I got older.  

"...remain staples in adventure, role-playing, and multiplayer game genres"

All adventure games on today's market have vast maps and huge areas for you to explore. I remember it used to take me at least 10 minutes cross one side of the map to the other. Also you play as the character in the game so you are role-playing. I love being someone else. It allows me to escape from one world to a vast imaginary world that is never likely to happen in my life. Games allow you mind to run free and all these experiences where first experienced played Colossal Game Adventure..



BTW, I'm playing MOTAS now (I'm on level six) and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for pointing me to a genre that was new to me... I had certainly encountered "escape the room" puzzles in larger games, but I didn't realize a community of gamers created games that exist only to deliver this one puzzle. I'm really enjoying it -- and haven't had to cheat at all!

I'm glad that your exposure to Colossal Cave has given you an appreciation for how influential that game was (and still is). Here you're doing a good job tying your observations to specific quoted passages -- that's good preparation for the skills you'll need to demonstrate for the term paper. Good work, Ashley.

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