Juul is finally done.

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Juul was a great read. I learned a lot from him and if I ever took a class like this again I would definitely look for other books written by him. When I started to read chapter 5 the first sentence really popped out at me.

"Rules and fiction interact, compete, and complement each other."

Many games on the market today take place in a fictional world that we do not live in. The world can consist of other planets, natural laws, zombies, and aliens. It may be the fictional worlds that draw consumers into the game as they play it. Different people are attracted to different things in video games. A person may enjoy role-playing when their cousin enjoys first person-shooters. With so many different personalities of a human being, the number of fictional worlds will grow everyday. Along with these visual worlds are the non-visual rules. Rules just hang over a player's head with out the player even noticing it. Rules are so intertwined into game play that they go unnoticeable. I believe that what makes Juul's statement so true. A fictional world can not work with out a defined set of rules. Rules allow game play to run smoother and interaction with the fictional world. They define what is allowed or possible in a fictional place. The most work that has to be put into a game is what the player is allowed to do and not allowed to do. A designer must go through and figure it all out so his created world runs smoothly and evenly throughout the game.


Kevin said:

What do you think videogames would be like if the player was able to freely dictate the "rules" of the game? If we could make it such that Link never runs out of arrows or always has a fairy in the bottle, would it make the game any more or less "fun," at least in your working definition of fun?

Ashley F said:

If players were able to dictate their own rules I think they game would be simple for themselves yet fun for others. If I changed the rules of of Legend of Zelda to unlimited arrows the game would not be fun. If I made the targets harder, the game would be fun. I also think it would be fun to watch people play games that I created the rules too. GOOD QUESTIONS!

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