Ms. Lara Croft, My Role Model.

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Not only do I love Lara but I believe that other then looks and guns she is an extremely powerful woman. When you think of powerful women these days you think CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs. Lara Croft is neither of those. She is a woman making it in a man's world. I would look up to any woman who can physically beat a guy and be brave enough to explore caves. I do not see her as a feminist or as a nude character. I see her as a determined, strong woman out doing her own thing. Looking at Lara Croft through a lense I still feel the same way and I think people think other ways just to cause controversy. Do you think maybe that is why? Do you think that feminists are too sensitive about certain subjects?

I believe they created Lara as a "pretty babe" because men would not play a game with an ugly girl on the cover. Does further into the subject of girl' self-esteem problems? Maybe but girls have to remember Lara Croft is not a real person, just like Barbie. They are just pretend, they are play and I do not think should affect society so much. Growing up a Barbie Collector I never thought I should be built like Barbie or Lara Croft. I just thought they were cool role models to play with. I distinctly remember playing Lara Croft for the first time and I did not play it because she was pretty. I played it because for once it was a girl as the main character and just her being a girl really empowered me. It showed me not only men can be in games. That is a personal experience I would like to share with everyone because there is no opinion. I am telling you how Lara Croft affected a young girl within the ages of 8-12. I did not become a feminist nor did I become anorexic.

Lara Croft is character that was not intended to show feministic ways and was created to appeal to both genders equally.


Brandon Gnesda said:

I really enjoyed reading through your entry Ashley! I found your view refreshing about this game, because it was an important game in helping to break stereotypes. I do think feminists can be too sensitive about certain subjects, however, I feel as though any group can feel this way towards subjects that directly affect them. I believe this is certainly a normal reaction to a subject such as this. As a male and I can certainly relate to the comment about men not playing games with an ugly female main character. I don't think so much that we are "attracted" to that character, but just like anything its simply more appealing. It is good to hear that you have had positive experiences with this type of game, and rather than seeing it is as a pressure to look a certain way enjoyed the breaking of a stereotype.

Ashley F said:

Thanks Im glad to see a male agreed with my point on why they had to make Lara pretty. I made this point in another blog but I think another reason why they may have chosen a female as the main character si because darting through caves and crosses ropes are not esasy thing. Females generally do better at acrobatics and it would have been 'gay' for some guy to be doing back flips and handstands. It probably would have caused more probelms then Ms. Lara here.

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