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My First Portfolio

Thus far in my student career Video Game Culture has been one of my hardest classes not only requiring a lot of hard work but critical thinking. Our professor requires expanding our thinking past our opinion or bias, while still letting us express our true opinion on a subject. This is the first class where my opinion can be respected and understood by the teacher/peers without them telling me why I am wrong. So far this class has allowed to me to expand my mind in a whole different way on a subject that I love: Video Games.


As I mentioned above I have really been able to express my thoughts in this class. I not only covered the surface of the subjects but I was able to explore deeper into meanings and my own thought. Where I come from as a biology major is to study other people's opinion before being able to give mine. This class has really allowed me to express myself in ways I have not been able to express them before.

- May the Force be With You.  - Realism.    - Super Mario World.   - Video Games as Art? Pffft.


What most online classes miss is interaction. Even though this class is small, we do interact with each other on our blogs. We know each other by name. I enjoy reading other people's opinions about the subject, although I do not always comment. I do enjoy answering people's questions and if I do not agree then that is the best way to start a conversation. I try and keep up with my peers as well. These are a few entries/comments I made that sparked some good ole conversation. One even sparked a Wikipedia edit by my teacher.

- Shade? Interesting.   - Supply and Demand.   - Video Games as Art? Some say No? 

- Mr. Ebert  - What should a Game Contain?


Xenoblogging is a term my teacher, Dr. Jerz, created to encompass interaction between peers that involves answering a question or leaving a more in-depth comment. I only left these types of comments when they mean something to me or affected me in some way. I think that because I only did this the comments I left really affected the person I left them to and perhaps further their thoughts by reading my opinion.

- Cadre and Short


I feel I have accomplished much of my readings and gave my thought on each subject. I tried my hardest to have my blogs written and finished within the same day that they were assigned. Many blogs were posted the day after seeing I had more time to really think about them and read other people's opinions as well. I tried to include my initial reaction and then finish off with a deeper thought about the subject. Many of the texts were interesting enough where I could really be passionate about what I wrote. This list includes all of my blogs up until now about each of the assigned text.

- Shanahan, "Bow, N*gger  

- Strong Bad on Videogames  

- History of Video Games

- Jerz and Adams, "Storytelling in Video Games." 

- Interactive Fiction  

- Historical Perspective on Video Games 

- Interactive Fiction (Cadre and Short)

- Plotkin, "Shade"    

Ex 2: Game Analysis 1   

- Ex 3: Game Analysis 2

- Video Games as Art? Roger Ebert say "No" 

- Effort: Work and Fun with ''Adventure''

- Gender and Games -- Making a Claim (Thesis) 


Many of these entries express my opinion, an opinion that in this class people respect. I have learned many things about various subjects pertaining to video games. I am proud of the blogs that I have written so far and I hoped you enjoyed them.


Good work, Ashely. It's been great watching your ideas develop. One way to meet the deadline is to post a very quick entry that gives your first reaction... you can even say "I haven't fully decided what I think about this reading, but I'm paying special attention to this passage: [Give a quote and the page number.] It made me think of the relationship between movie popcorn and air tire pressure, but I can't quite explain why. I'll post again later when I've had more time to think about it."

That would take two minutes to post, you would meet the deadline, and who knows, when you come back later you might find your classmates have discussed the issue while you were offline. You don't have to post the perfectly-formed thoughts all at once. Just post SOMETHING by the deadline, to show me that you're on track. You can post the full reflection later.

Does that make sense?

Ashley F said:

Yeah, thanks for clearing it up. SOO much information to absorb at once. Cant actually wait for for school to start.

"Our professor requires expanding our thinking past our opinion or bias, while still letting us express our true opinion on a subject. This is the first class where my opinion can be respected and understood by the teacher/peers without them telling me why I am wrong."

In many ways, these elements of the course are also probably what makes it so challenging.

I think you've identified an important element of a liberal arts eduction. You approach the topic of video games with both vigor and rigor -- and surely that's in part the result of your scientific training.

I'm sure you've worked hard in your other courses, but in a humanities class, where we can't conduct experiments to discover "the truth," we instead have long discussions about values, taste, ethics, and all sorts of human things that simply don't resolve into an equation. You're being exposed to a different model of knowledge -- something that is communally constructed, rather than passed down from the experts to the novices.

Our complex society thrives an all sorts of knowledge, and I'm glad this class has introduced you to a new kind.

Kevin said:

I must give credit where credit is due - you and Derek have established some amazing portfolios. Kudos to the both of you for putting so much time, effort, and depth into introducing each piece and explaining the importance of it.

As I told Derek, it takes discipline to keep that up. Well done.

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