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Every person who has played a video game can relate to playing older games or games on your computer that are not really up to par. People need to realise that why games are so advanced now is that because it had to start somewhere. For instance, Secret Collect was so simple, yet how many games have you played where you had to dodge obstacles and collect items to get to the next stage. (Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario, and even Rhino Feeder had the same concept) I think concepts is what revolutionizes games. If a game that has a concept totally different from anything else then it's going to be a good game. Perhaps a new concept would come from someone who was unbiased and never played videogames before. Perhaps it would come from someone who plays those text games and has a good imagination. Videogames are all about concept. A lot of games now and days have the same concept because the old concepts work, that is why they do games as a part of a series because retailest want you coming back for more of their concept.


Nancy Fry said:


I am in total agreement with you on the concept issue. I think a good test group for videogame ideas would be kids maybe under age 12 (or an age group that is a large user of games). They would be able to tell you what they like/dislike. This could be incorporated into the programming of the game. Good comment!

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