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            Have you ever played a video game where you felt connected to the character? Or perhaps you have felt the need to take care of your character and guide your character? I have. I have felt it through a few games that I have played in my lifetime. In any game that you play some type of object always represents your self and you have the need to protect it or help it achieve it’s goal. My goal is to interpret the relationship a person has with the character they play and how it affects the person’s want to play that game. To define ‘character’ so there is no confusion, I mean what the player directly controls and is the main object of the game. I also believe that the stronger the relationship, the stronger the need to play the game (to interact with your character). I know I have felt the urge to play Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess because I wanted to help Link finish his quest to save the princess. My own experience showed me that it is possible to want to play a game because of how you feel about a character.

            Now that we did a quick overview, I would like to specify my claim. The Sims is the highest selling pc game of all time. It has this spot of honor for a reason. The Sims draws players in and the players get hooked. The Sims is a simulation of reality that attracts consumers because it not only simulates life its self but consumers can relate to the characters they create and control. Do remember that this is my opinion and it has not been proven. Players can relate to the Sims that they play and that is why they love the game. After they create their Sim and build their house, they begin their new life with their Sim family. It has been known that the personality of the player reflects the personality of the Sim. My priorities in life are passed on to my Sim because it is ultimately me controlling my Sim’s life. Griebel undertakes a study of human personality and the likeness of this personality in their Sim. It is a really great read. It is not only about The Sim’s but the influence on the human mind. Think I am right so far when it comes to my thesis? I hope so. Another great article does not go over the relationship between the player and his/her Sim but the impact of videogames in real life. For a person to develop a relationship with a fictional character the game must impact their life. Can The Sims be a social game without human interaction? This is also discussed in the article. The Sims 2 includes an expansion pack that allows you to date and explore downtown areas. It lets your Sim to have the relationships with other Sims. So not only do you get to control your Sims life, but you get to control their love life. Relationships are everywhere in The Sims and it attracts you even more to game. The Sims 2 Online is a social game where The Sims are taken to the internet. This proves socialism can be done through a game.

            Another fact I think why people love to play the Sims is because of the realism. The game is realistic to a real day in real life except for Sim-gibberish and a few other things. Realism attracts consumers to buy a game. Everyone knows this. In this day and age people aim for realism. They aim for realism in videogames, television, and movies. Galloway expands on the word realism and discusses the controversial topics that come along with it. Gonzalo is another author who loves realism. He despises anything that is fantasy, including Star Wars. Who hates Star Wars? Anyway he explains why people should play more realistic games. It is very good study on why people get addicted to simulations and how they make people look that the differences between simulation and real life. The article is humorously called The Sims: Grandmothers are Cooler Than Trolls. Get it?

            The best way for anyone to get the philosophy of The Sims is to read Will Wright’s exact words. He speaks about why he created The Sims and what he did before it. The interview was very interesting and Will Wright sounds like the biggest nerd alive. He is also a very rich nerd.You can find his interview here.

            There are people who reject my thesis. Many say the best part of The Sims is build mode. One person says that they just do not like the Sims at all. The author believes The Sims is repetitive and unappealing. The best article I could find is one by Charles Paulk. Paulk claims the main draw to The Sims is build mode. It allows you to customize the environment for the Sims. It is a very detailed article I have wrote about before. Build mode has inspired many websites, such as this one, that have new items to download for your Sim house. Users have created thousands of pre-made appliances, furniture, wallpaper, and more so you can decorate your house accordingly.


It is a tough debate because I do agree that build mode is fun. I do know that the real reason I play is because I like playing with my Sim seeing what kind of life I can create. I hope you enjoy my quick online presentation.


Derek Tickle said:

Hi Ashley!I always like when I can 'connect' with a fictional character because it makes the game more interesting for me. I always loved playing "The Sims" because the player is in control of the entire game. I agree with you when you say the personality of the player connects with the character. An example could be if a college student is playing the game there may be a lot of parties in the house and mostly fun things. On the other hand, if a business representative is playing the game it may be very organized and professional. This is just a quick example of how the game could relate to the player. I like how you list personality relationships in one paragraph, realism in another, and then provide the philosophy. This shows the reader that you are focusing on three areas of the game. Overall I liked your presentation a lot. I would like to give you some constructive criticism though. Your initial thesis does not seem debatable. (I understand that this is your opinoin) Maybe adding some negative issuses into it could help make the reader ponder over whether the game is just fun virtual reality or persuiave? I think that your paper is going to be very successful and I wish you best of luck with it.

Good work, Ashley. Please post this link on the course page so that more of your peers can find it.

Darrell Kuntz said:

I do agree with your thesis to a point. I think your thesis makes an unintentional statement about games with characters one can relate to being more fun than games that may not have any characters at all. I love playing Tetris and I do feel a great urge to play that game because of the relaxing thought that goes into the gameplay. However, when it comes to games with characters I agree %100. If I dont like the strengths, weaknesses or personality of a character, then I'm simply not going to play it. I hope your paper deals with more games than the Sims because your thesis is relevant to many other games. I feel a wish to help Master Chief defeat the Covenant as I write this comment. I look forward to reading your final paper and seeing what other examples of character relationships you have felt in your gaming experiences.

Brandon Gnesda said:

Hey Ashley,
Well there isn't much more I can say as Derek and Darrell have made good points. I too agree with the argument that you've begun to build here. I think if you focus on the relationship we have with characters over the real life simulation part then you'll have a much stronger thesis. Otherwise I really like the idea and I think you'll have a solid paper on this topic.

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