9:05 and Galatea.

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9: 05, another texting game. It is so funny to me how this games work. Why? Because of how you choose you words. I am the type of person who speaks with out thinking and these games really make me choose wisely. For instance, I knew I had to take a shower but the game kept telling that I had possessions even through I had picked nothing up. Finally I decided to just write throw, because I know when Im ready for a shower I "throw" my clothes off..IT WORKED. I feel accomplished. I also noticed when Cadre choose to talk about the neighborhood, it was not a good one. It funny how he choose Las Playas as the expensive alternative. Las Playas basically means the beaches and as always its expensive to live on the beach. Why did Cadre choose a rundown neighborhood as his setting? Perhaps Cadre himself is from a setting of the sort. Its funny how also the place that I live (in the game that is) basically defined who I am as a person. I lived in a not-so-good neighborhood, in a not so good house, but does that have to make me a dirty person with my clothes all over the floor? It brings up some ethical issues about stereotyping. Just because you live in a bad neighborhood doesn't mean you have to be dirty too. It is nice though that I am not in some mystical world and I can actually think about what to do next and what is necessary. Turns out I didnt know who I was, and I had actually killed a man..ha GREAT ENDING.

Galatea. I was not as impressed with this one only because it was an imaginary IF therefore I was lost most of the time. I do not have much of a relfection since I could not get through half of the game only to say that everyone has to start somewhere. As I am a n00b to these sort of games they make me feel inferior to others who play them well. Not only are they better players but I feel as though I am not as smart. It does not, however, make me feel any less of a person. What I mean by smart is being able to choose certain phrases when needed or notice clues that I do not realize. I do not think I am smart for knowing a combination such as LEFT RIGHT RIGHT (A) UP (B)(B)(X)UP. It is memorization or luck. You can not have luck for text games instead you have to actually know what you are doing.



You know what, I was wrong when I labeled that link Photopia. It's actually called 9:05.

Did you look under the bed?

Ashley F said:

Nope, never thought to look. I think I might give it another try again once I get some more work done.

Kevin said:

I couldn't help but feel the same slight frustration when I began playing Galatea, but once I got the hang of it, I had a ball. In the annotations included, it provided suggestions to the various dialog strings you could use to see what responses you could get.

While it is difficult to find exactly the correct wording, it is very fun to see the various responses (at least to me, anyway). I believe I said in my blog that IF games are very much so about linguistic puzzles, too. They are a language puzzle as much as they are a mystery or adventure.

Ashley F said:

Yeah, even though this is class I really do not like to use help while playing. That is just one of my morals. I feel like I cheat. So if I can not beat it, I give it some time then go back and try again. Yes, I agree that IF games are totally about how you read the wording and how you give it back to the game. That is why I prefer Point and Click games cause for me it is all the fun of finding and using clues without using words or anyone giving you hints.

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