Portfolio 2.

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My Second Portfolio

Thus far in my student career Video Game Culture has been one of my hardest classes not only requiring a lot of hard work but critical thinking. Our professor requires expanding our thinking past our opinion or bias, while still letting us express our true opinion on a subject. This is the first class where my opinion can be respected and understood by the teacher/peers without them telling me why I am wrong. So far this class has allowed to me to expand my mind in a whole different way on a subject that I love: Video Games.


As I mentioned above I have really been able to express my thoughts in this class. I not only covered the surface of the subjects but I was able to explore deeper into meanings and my own thought. As a biology major. I have learned to study other people's opinion before being able to give mine. This class has really allowed me to express myself in ways I have not been able to express them before. In my blog, May the Force be with You, I talked about my initial reaction to New Games Journalism. It may not be a long blog but it is interesting. Here I gave my thoughts on the Realism in games and if it is necessary to have such realistic gaming.  While I do agree with most people on their perspective of video games, I did not agree with Mr. Ebert’s view of video games as an art and challenged it here in Video Games as Art? Pffft. I not only agree or disagree with an author’s article or book but I also tried giving my own version of a NGJ game review for Super Mario World. In this class I even defended Ms. Lara Croft, My Role Model. I also thought a lot about what makes Interactive Fictions so fun to some people, Just Another Text Game. Taken into consideration as well was my biology background of disagreeing scientists and how video game theorist will constantly have Disagreements for generations.


What most online classes miss is interaction. Even though this class is small, we do interact with each other on our blogs. We know each other by name, not face like my regular classes. I enjoy reading other people's opinions about a subject, although I do not always comment. I do enjoy answering people's questions and if I do not agree then that is the best way to start a conversation or a debate. I try and keep up with my peers as well so we are all on the same page or still thinking about the same article. One of my blogs even sparked a Wikipedia edit by my professor. Shade? Interesting that started a conversation about the similarities between ‘Escape the Room’ games and interactive fiction. My peers also understood some of my opinions like in Flustered. Video Games as Art? Some say No? was written by Derek Tickle and it was the first blog that I was able to debate against and state my opinion. I also tried to help my classmates better understand where the author was coming from such as Zach T.’s blog about Mr. Ebert. The blog What should a Game Contain? allowed me to I express my thoughts on virtual reality and its future. My comments were short at times, IF/if/id = harmony.  I also have noticed how different some of my classmates are to me in Cadre and Short. We also expressed our opinions on the psychology of video games in Kevin McGinnis’ Plotkin's "Shade". 


Xenoblogging is a term my teacher, Dr. Jerz, created to encompass interaction between peers that involves answering a question or leaving a more in-depth comment. I did not leave many of these types of comments because I could only write a passionate comment about something I felt passionate about. Certain blogs really caught my attention and I felt as though the author of it can benefit from reading someone else’s opinion or comment on what he wrote. In Effort or Fun we discussed some of our generation’s expectations of receiving rewards for our effort. I expressed how different my opinion was to Kevin’s in Cadre and Short.  The defined example of xenoblogging is the blog The Role of Women in Video Games. Every one makes their opinions extremely clear and I felt very strongly about this article in general.


I feel I have accomplished much of my readings and gave my thought on each subject. I tried my hardest to have my blogs written and finished within the same day that they were assigned. Many blogs were posted the day after seeing I had more time to really think about them and read other people's opinions as well. I tried to include my initial reaction and then finish off with a deeper thought about the subject. Many of the texts were interesting enough where I could really be passionate about what I wrote. This list includes all of my blogs up until now about each of the assigned text.

- Shanahan, "Bow, N*gger"           - Ex 1a: Traditional Game Review

- Ex 1b: Comparative Analysis      - Strong Bad on Videogames

- History of Video Games              - "Storytelling in Video Games."

- Interactive Fiction                      - Historical Perspective on Video Games

- IF (Cadre and Short)                    - "Somewhere Nearby Is Colossal Cave"

- Plotkin, "Shade"                           - Douglass on "Shade"

- Ex 2: Game Analysis 1                   - Laurel (to page 65)

Laurel (Finish)                               - Ex 3: Game Analysis 2

- Juul (Preface to Ch 3)                  - ''The Myth of the Ergodic Videogame''

- Juul (Finish)                                   - Ex 4: Article Analysis

- Video Games as Art?                    - Effort: Work and Fun with ''Adventure''

- First Blog Portfolio                  - Gender and Games

- WB7 (TBA and Juul)

Many of these entries express my opinion, an opinion that in this class people respect. I have learned many things about various subjects pertaining to video games. I looked forward to the end of this class so I can really understand exactly what I have learned. I am proud of the blogs that I have written so far and I hoped you enjoy them.


Derek Tickle said:

Ashley, I really enjoyed reading your essay format Portfolio. I liked your introduction because it shows your feelings about the class and your love for video games. I like how you incorporate your reactions and comments along with your blog entries. I think this is important in order to describe what you have learned and what your other classmates helped you think about. Overall, I liked your Portfolio! Good Job!

Ashley F said:

Thanks. I basically edited my last list-like portfolio. I just said something to explain what the blog was about. I found it was easier to list then write.

The list is fine. For your final portfolio, please just highlight the work you've done since your previous portfolio. It is impressive to see your contributions mounting like this, but since I have already seen much of this before, this arrangement does not call attention to your most recent contributions.

Nevertheless, your blog shows impressive thoughtfullness and a welcome willingness to engage with your peers.

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