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 After I read Historical Perspective on Video Games, I was amazed about how much I have already thought of these things, but I never really paid any attention to them. The first subject I would like to point out is realism. In the 21-st century it a lot of advertising seems to be about realism. For instance, HDTVs give such a better picture and quality you think your watching something through a glass window instead of a actual TV. They say on the commercials, "Feel like your actually there." I think well if I can actually be there why do I need a tv? Realism is way overrated these days and also in video games. Going back to Secret Collect, it was not realistic whatsoever and it was a fun game. Crash Bandicoot is very realistic since it's a character in a made up world and the grpahics have only gotten sharper, not better then when it first game out. When I play a game I don't want feel like I'm in a movie, I want to feel like I am playing a game.

"Modern computer games that aim for “realism” do so under the assumption that “more realistic” equals “better.”  And by “better” the game companies mean “better selling.”"

Marketing panelists and programmers need to get their thoughts together and think about some of the games they used to play and how fun they used to be. There would more selections of games and fun if people got their heads out their butt and stopped worrying about how much money they are going to make. DId Salvador Dali think if he painted melting clocks that his artwork would be so highly look upon? No, he did what an artists does and that express himself.

The only other point I really have was that a 1st person shooter is the same thing as it was 30 years ago. In one of my previous comments I mentioned that I like to replay Golden Eye 007 for Nintendo 64 because its the same thing as Halo except not so many different controls. Games really do keep the same concept over the years. Once a great concept is invented or thought of it will continue to have rebirth. How do I know? Look at all the classic movies and plotlines that have been redone over the years and have made millions even though people already know whats going to happen. (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for instance?) 


A well thought-out post, Ashley. The relationship between commercial success and artistic expression is complex. Brenda Laurel is a good example -- of course she wanted to earn a living with her talents, and the same may be said of countless "starving artists" who have more artistic vision than business sense. We will still need the big game studios to push the development of fancy hardware and cutting-edge AI, but those tools filter down to the independent game developers. Just like independent films, indie games can be much more creative, daring, innovative, and shocking than their commercial counterparts. Some of those indie games are utter failures -- but not because they don't make money.

Ashley F said:

Its funny you mentioned something about Indie movies and games because I wanted to mention something about it, yet I did not know how to incorporate it. I guess thats why your the teacher and Im not. :D

Ah, but you have the experience of playing console games, and you have grown up with a set of expectations about games and about the world that offers insights that my own lenses won't let me see. I have a lot to learn about current games, so I'm expecting to learn quite a lot during this class.

Do you have anything to add about indie films? Do you know anyone who has created an indie game? I teach a course called "New Media Projects," and part of that includes creating games. Some students choose to create text adventure games, but others created graphic games.

Ashley F said:

No I do not know anyone personally who has vreated any games. ALot of games you find on the internet I would consider Indie-Games since they are not really mainstream. The only comment I have about them is that they are SO MUCH fun and addicting, yet most people do not make any money of them. That is why I mentioned marketing panelists and professional programmers need to see that Halo and 1st person shooting games are not the only games that are fun.

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