September 12 and Madrid.

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September 12th was a interactive model that gave a lot of meaning. I did not expect it to hit so close to home as I played. After a moment or two of playing I realized, the more civilians I hurt while battling terrorists the more terrorists I created. Iraq and America are two countries on two parallel lines. When our country was hit hard by the events of September 11th, many of us were filled with anger. We all wanted to bomb any country who messed with us. Is it not so different what Iraq citizens want to do to us after we killed their innocent family? The game makes an excellent point that the war on terror is not a game nor can you win/lose it. As I sailed a bomb to a spot where a terrorist stands, a innocent walks into its line of destruction. I can not stop the bomb after it has been sent. That is the problem our country faces today and that is why our country is slowly dividing. Many think we can win and many think it is a long shot against terror. The model shows that the war on terror will never end. Can it be solved by war or crime? No, it can’t and I think that is what it is coming down to today. Is there another alternative to the war on terrorism? Many seem to think so. It brings tears to my eyes that I know the country I live in is hurting other families in less fortunate countries. It hurts to know my brother is in Iraq fighting for a country that does not know it’s alternatives. Perhaps it is the same for another girl in Iraq who’s brother is a ‘terrorist’ fighting to protect his country from a more powerful country. Perhaps her brother does not know any alternatives. To play a game (or model) that does not end and pertains to real life, shows that games can not only show you the real affects of what your doing but show you and let you interact with something you may not want to be involved in.


            Madrid was interesting as well. I believe the point of the game was to give every person representing a country hope. The game was nearly impossible because I could not satisfy every person’s candle. After I gave up the game told me to keep trying and that I could not give up. What does this mean? Perhaps I am not to give up on my own hope and determination for a better world.  As the faces looked at me I felt sad I could not make all their hopes and dreams burn brightly. When I gave up their dreams dimmed quietly without them saying a word, as if they knew I would give up. Madrid underlying message is a little bit blurry, but if you have the ability to help the world do not give up on yourself keep pushing yourself further or..perhaps keep clicking those candles. It may seem impossible at first but I think if a person were to keep trying perhaps one day they will succeed. Maybe one day they will die but someone my see how hard they worked and that person will continue their work. When I read the last screen I wanted to refresh the page and start over. If only the real world could be so easy as clicking a button.

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