Shade? Interesting.

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Shade was a very interesting game. Once again I have to wake up in a dirty apartment, but thats okay. A lot of these IF games are starting to seem like those point and click "Get out the Room" games that I play. Heres a link incase you have never played. I did not get far in this game as well as many other IFs that I played. So I will start by saying concept. Concept, concept, concept is the word of the week for me. Not that I have played that many but the concept of IFs is to find clues in your surroundings and use them to accomplish a task. Ifs make me feel as though I am in a mystery book or something. I do not know the word for it but you have to visualize in your head what the room could look like and where you would look to find your clue. You not only have to pay attention to detail but look beyond what the computer is giving you. Playing games like these would lead to a person have a bigger perspective of the world. Look beyond what everyone says or does.

Once again games could have deeper meanings or goals then what most critics think. A person with a bigger perspective and an eye for detail will get further in life in any job, relationship, or anything else that comes along the way. Maybe that is why our generation is at where it is at today. Many people who are inventing all this new technology more then likely grew up playing IFs. You never know. 


I never knew there was a specialized "room escape" point-and-click genre. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

I just edited the Wikipedia entry for "Room Escape" to reflect the genre's debt to text adventure games.

I also wrote a bit about it on my blog.

Derek Tickle said:

I like that you use the word concept. I agree with you because the player has to be able to use there imagination in order to succeed in the game. Just as you said you must look beyond the ordinary and analyze the apartment and words that you use and the responses you receive. I never knew about point-and-click games either. You learn something new everyday!!

Ashley F said:

Its scary to know that people did not know about "Escape the Room" games. They are my favorite games on the computer. You have to look places you dont look, solve puzzles, and more. Yes they are like text games just..there is a picture invovled. Playing these games may have made me a little biast over the years and that may be why the text games give me so much frustration. Im really glad that I told you guys about them and hopefully you will enjoy playing them.

If you want to play some good ones search in yahoo for: The Crimson Room. That is the best one to play. :D I look foreard to reading Dr. Jerz's entry on the infamous Wikipedia.

Okay, I just played it. That was fun.

I cheated to find the second battery, and I noticed the clue in the projection but for some reason didn't act on it so I had to cheat again.

Ashley, you might like Lock and Key, which is a text game in which you play the designer of a dungeon, and you have to set up traps to keep a heroic adventurer from escaping the dungeon. You have to arrange the traps in a certain sequence, and the game doesn't tell you that sequence beforehand -- you only find out by watching your plan fall apart repeatedly and having the king execute you, so save early and save often.

The author is Adam Cadre, who also wrote 9:05.

Ashley F said:

I am proud to say that I did finish the Crimson Room without any walk-throughs or hints, but a lot of other ones I did not do too well. I have a few things to do this morning but when I get a chance I am going to try the link you gave me. Thanks, Im really glad you enjoyed it.

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