Super Mario World.

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Super Mario World was the first game to be loved around the world. It is also the first game loved by all cultures, countries, and gamers. Super Mario World not only represents unity, but a classic fairy tale that all children once experienced in one way or another. Not only is the main character lovable by males and females but he is Italian, a main character showing some ethnicity which is not common in video games. Why is Mario loved so much by all? Let go deeper into the subject.

            The classic fairytale is shown in many Disney movies and various cartoons is a beautiful princess is trapped by the evil sorcerer/witch, and her one true love must come save her. That is the exact plot of SMW. Browser, the evil sorcerer, takes Princess Peach to his castle. This is the part where one plumber takes on the world to save his princess. Every child has been read a fairy tale or has seen one in a movie. It is in your subconscious to believe in fairytales and that they all have happy endings. I believe this is why so many people can relate to Mario. Mario has a goal to find his happy ending and who is not looking for their own happy ending? So through Mario we achieve a little bit of happiness in ourselves. Mario does not shoot up bad guys, his game is basically PG rated but kids and adults alike can play. He also has an honorable sidekick/best friend Luigi and the infamous companion Yoshi. It is like having a best friend and a dog.

            In some way is it comparable to real life. Mario was a hard-working plumber whose girlfriend got abducted by some freak so him, his best friend, and his trained attack dog go out and search for her. Mario is just a regular guy with a fairy tale ending. Not only he is just a regular guy but Mario is ethnic. I think that makes the game reach out to a bigger market. Not to sound racist but everyone loves Italians. They really have done nothing wrong in society except making the best pizzas and running the Mafia. We all know Mario is not part of the mafia because he is a struggling plumber. Therefore the Japanese knew that an non-dominate ethnic character was more marketable then per say a Caucasian or African-American.

            When you try and look at good and bad points to SMW, I do not believe there is not one bad point you can point out. Mario is not a violent game and it does not contain profanity. That is why it has become the basically the symbol of all video games. It encompasses everything you wish for in a video game including: secrets, action, fantasy, Yoshi, and bad guys. Super Mario World is the most revolutionary to hit the market and still affects even the newest gamers in some way. Super Mario World is a gateway game to the video gaming medium and shows what the gaming world is capable of.


Ashley, tell me... why is Luigi honorable, and why is Yoshi infamous?

It's hard to project a personality on Pac Man, though Ms. Pac-Man tried by adding more amusing cartoons every few levels... How does Nintendo succeed in making Mario's character so likable? It doesn't seem to me that the ethic stereotype alone would do the trick. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Ashley F said:

I do not think that Nintendo really makes Mario so likeable as much as it is just Mario. I do not believe I was born when Mario first came out, or atleast not old enough to remember, so I am not exactly sure why he is so marketable. I grew up in the generation where Mario is Mario and you just love him. I believe Luigi is honorable because it would follow Mario anywhere and that is the bestest friend you could get.

Yoshi is infamous with his own spin-off and because he is the trusty companion. I think most people would know who Yoshi is.

Ahh, Super Mario Bros - my fav game of all-time.
Oldie but a goodie.

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