Supply and Demand.

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While reading through History of Video Games a few certain moments tended to stay in my mind as I finished reading the article. Where Dr. Jerz stated, "Further, during a time when phones were getting thinner and lighter, people felt silly lugging around a big brick like this."  It is true. Companies only put out items that are in demand by the public. Here are a few examples;

People like smaller, multi-functional gadgets. For instance a iPhone has a inovative touch screen, you can watch movies, play music, go on the internet, and use it as a phone. You can also save you contacts have a calander and more. The fact you can do so much on one gadget it is worth the money then buying 10 different items.

Also if a game comes out such as..Halo and becomes very popular, other game companies will take the basic concept and use it for their own games. That is why when one game does well, other similar to the game follow.

This sea-saw of supply and demand allowed for the different generations of games. When Pong came out and did well, other video games were bound to follow. As graphics got better and consoles became more advanced, companies competed to have the best one out there. That is why we are where we are today. No new consoles came out this Christmas because the consoles that came out last Christmas were so advanced it is going to be a while before any new ones come out. Now games have to catch up to the consoles success.

Games are going to continue to get better and better just like phones, tvs, mp3 players, and energy efficient washers or dryers. The world is going to keep changing as fast as we get new video games. 


Derek Tickle said:

Excellent examples! I agree completely about the iPhone and also companies that take popular ideas for there own games. It is amazing to think how fast technology changes. After reading the History of Video Games I thought it is amazing how far technology has come even in the last few years. Great observation!

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