The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time started a craze that swept America. It changed the way games were played and also how games were mapped. It was a long journey only yourself could take through clues and only a bit of direction. No one ever thought it could be continued with a adaquete predecessor. When other games, such as Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker came out, they did not raise the bar from Ocarina of Time. Could be anything be better then the original adventure Link took you through the first time? I think so.

            While graphics are mediocre on the Wii console, Twilight Princess was extremely surprising. The intregrated graphics were done beautifully and while not be easy to match on future games. Every detail was clearly seen, although most TVs will need a slight adjustment to brighten the screen. The world you enter in this game starts off like it did in Ocarina of Time. Many people and places you’ll get to revisit like the Gorons in Death Mountain and Karkario Village. As the plot unfolds you experience other realms that are not of Hyrule. You are introduced to characters, love interest, and as planned the Princess Zelda. Without a fairy to help lock on enemies and help you along the way, it seems it could be difficult. However you meet a very important character named Midna. Midna gives the story another boost because she has the player wondering whether she is on your side or not. Unlike other games, there are two forms in which the player can play. The other form is wolf form. Wolf form has some advantages because it gives you a faster speed and pace while allowing for major attacks on certain creatures. It gives senses that are not known to man, allowing you to follow scents and dig up items. You can talk to the animals on the game too.

            Every know Link gets a bow in the game, but what makes it s exciting is the fact you playing with an interactive remote. Swinging the remote to slash enemies helps you get more into the game and feel like your actually playing. Point and click makes it easier too. If you want to shoot an arrow in a certain place you simply point your remote and click. The nunchuck I say has to be the best invention ever for movement in a game. I could not imagine using anything else. It help navigate easier as well. While in wolf form controls are basically the same and not confusing in any matter. There is no special combinations and a lot of buttons to press rapidly and that is a nice change. One you start playing this game you will not want to stop and when you hand is not cramping you do not have too.

            One you start playing you get lost in the storyline and find yourself exploring new worlds, wondering who is the Twilight King, and will Gannondorf return. It is a difficult, challenging story that can make any mind wonder. The game consists of animated blood and violence which is not suitable for younger children, however I recommend it to from young teenagers to a person of any age who enjoys exploring large maps, great action, interesting puzzles, and an awesome adventure.

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