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            Utopian Entrepreneur by Brenda Laurel was a very interesting book indeed. She made lots of points on how the culture business can bring you to the top, then chew you up and spit you out. Laurel brought forth topics that not only had to do with video games but main stream media or popular culture. I was very confused through out the book because she transitioned from one subject to another very quickly and I often had to go back through and reread chapters. I do, however, love the fact that she is a woman. Women can write books about video games too?! She shows me we can. While the book was a decent read, during the last half of the book I read something that I have noticed in my generation -- Transmedia.

"...the transmedia process has thus far consisted of repurposing content from one medium for another -- film to tv, comics to film, dolls and toys to videogames, movies to dolls and toys, or movies to the Wed. In a transmedia world.."

            If you haven’t noticed any item for sale has a website. People expect them too. How else are you to find information on an item that you would like to buy these days? You see an item, type in the items name then slap on a .com at the end and viola! your item is on a web page. Also people who market items want to reach out to all communities. For example let’s talk about Disney. Disney is probably the best transmedia marketer to date. For example, lets use Aladdin. It was a very popular movie in the 90s. They based this movie off books that had to do with a magic genie and lamps. Not only did they create a book of the Disney version; they came out with a TV show, a video game (SNES), arts/crafts, legos, and toys. They basically covered all areas of Toys R Us. Believe me I know, I worked there. Disney reached out to all areas that kids like to explore. Other then Disney, businesses basically are doing the same thing to survive in the industry these days. If a video game is popular they are more then likely to come out with a movie to broaden its audience. No longer are businesses in it for one certain type of genre, they are in it in to get as many people hooked as they possibly can. 

Laurel (Finish)


Of course, Aladdin was a character from Arabian legend long before Disney got ahold of it. The "Disney Princess" marketing machine was worried that at a certain age girls stop liking pink, so they started marketing Tinkerbelle (green,the anti-pink) with tween attitude slogans like "spoil me," as a way to keep their hold over kids as they grow out of wanting to be a princess. When you realize Disney owns ABC, so that every time a character in an ABC show mentions a desire to go to Disney, or there's a Very Special Episode where the cast goes to a Disney park, that's money in the bank for The Mouse.

Derek Tickle said:

I also agree with you about the book being confusing at some points. While I was reading I had to stop and think about what I read. This is mostly because of the style that the book was written in. What a great quote you picked because it is definately true! Everything is on the internet in today's modern world. After reading your statement about video games becoming movies I thought, "Yes, I know of one!" When I was growing up I always loved to play the games called, "Final Fantasy." After playing them for several years they then came out with a movie called, "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" in 2001 and then "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" in 2005. I was happy that they came out with a movie because the game was very detailed and consisted of remembering a lot of information. I can see when people play video games they get attached to them and want to see a movie production of it. This is something that I had not thought about before, but I am glad you mentioned the topic!

A comment for Dr. Jerz: I never knew that Disney owned ABC. Come to think of it, it all makes sense because there are a lot of eposides where someone goes to Disney or commericals about it. I'm glad to have learned this!

Listed below are links for the Final Fantasy movie trailers:

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy: Advent Children

These computer generated games are great!

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