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Dr. Jerz pointed out that he was playing a point and click game called MOTAS. I was bored so I decided to play it not knowing whether or not I should post a blog. Well I am because it is a VERY COOL game. It involves puzzles and clues. What I wanted to point out was a quote that popped up in the game.


I thought that was interesting because both the 'get out the room' and text adventures are very logical games. They require you to think more then most games that require action do. It was also funny because as I was playing this game I thought the same thing.


Yes, the two genres have a lot in common. How far along are you?

Ashley F said:

I was at about level 14 then I had to go do something.

The site will automatically save your progress (if your web browser has cookies enabled).

Zach T said:

When i played this game i thought visual text game. Instead of using text i was using a pointer. I though the game fun, the music was cheesy, but fit the game. I couldn't get out of the second room. the one with the locked door with the # panal, i tried to get something off the computer but couldn't. oh well, either was the game wasn't to bad

Teh_Crimson_King said:

have you gotten the pin from the flag? Sorry if I'm bringing up a dead post... Anyway, you use te pin to open the floppy disc bow thingie, then you put the floppy disc in the computer and it tells you the code!

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