Video Games as Art? Pffft..

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I would first like to start off by giving a quick opinion of mine, just so everyone knows where I stand about this situation. I believe that video games are a rising art. Not only do they compile graphics and visuals but there is a storyline and a storyline you MUST follow to finish the game. Video games are interactive stories that someone had to of put together. Just as there is an author leading you through a book, there is a programmer leading you through a game.


Roger Ebert probably grew up in a time where movies where still classical perhaps 'Cassablanca' and literature was your means of fun. People from 'these days' have a certain mindset because of the culture that they grew up in.  I do not know exactly what time period it was but I know it was well before the 60s where women were supposed to be stay at home moms. I do not think he gave much consideration to video-gaming just because in his sub-consquence he grew up in a time where new subjects or something experiemental was not accepted. Video games are only about 30 years old and with the rise of NGJ people ARE starting to look at games in a whole new perspective that I think Mr. Elbert is unaware of. Plus so many older people are already already so accustomed to their own thoughts it is hard to get them to think anything else about newer culture.

My generation is more about being open to different subjects. Most people my age grow up insisting to their parents realize what is happening in the world and how it affects us, not taxes or things like that. We ask our parents to be open to video games or open to letting us do things that were not so recommended when our parents grew up. So for me I can see through my generation and the Popular culture I experienced that video-games are an art and that is why they are so popular today.  The aussumptation that the questionaire makes about gaming still being a new form of art hits the spot dead on.

"Was not film itself once a new field of art? Did it not also take decades for its academic respectability to be recognized?"

Games are still being twiddled with and still is being perfected. Would I call it an art form as it is? Yes, I would but it will takes years to have set guidelines in which to rate it or depict is as a masterpiece.


Zach Talkovic said:

I take the same stance as you do about Mr. Ebert opinion. Movies started out slow in the beginning but eventually evolved. I think video games will do the same, they will grow into a more 'prestigious' factor in years to come. I feel Ebert comes from an old school state of mind, and will eventually accept gaming for art.

Brandon Gnesda said:

I absolutely agree with your ideas in this post. I enjoyed that you mentioned the visuals, something I left out in my response to the subject. As you mentioned times do change, and as something develops into more refined form it can become more and more enjoyable. The fantastic mix of visuals and storyline are exactly what attract many gamers. That coupled with the ability to choose your fate and the direction in which the games flows create its own experience. Just because you cannot directly compare film and video games does not mean that one or the other is not art. I think sometimes people are scared of change, and I see that sort of addressed where you mention when we ask our parents to be open to video games.

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