Work or Fun?

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Effort: Work and Fun with ''Adventure''

So I got to say that this article definatly smacked me in the head. I completly agree though.

"Another important concept is fluidity -- that that part of gameplay that seems fluid, when you're in the zone, motivated to keep pushing buttons and running through mazes because you're enticed by the wonders your actions create."

Once you get into ANY game, you want to explore every detail, nook, and cranny. IFs require this type of special attention to complete the game. It requires you to really be into it to really be satisfied by the game. WHile I prefer being intellectually satisified by playing games like Tetris or Bejeweled, people get satisfisfaction out of different type of puzzles or probelms. I love math and for me to sit down and do a math equation is fun and requires a bit of effort. IFs to me are not fun even when I put in the effort so therefore I really do not get that fluidity or rythmn I get when I do a math probelm. Different games are created for different types of people. People like different genres like adventure, math, puzzles, search, and shooting. People will find interest in their own way. Like hackers would like IFs because it suits them and what they think is 'fun'. Fun is a matter of opinion. Do you agree? 

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