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Playing with distinct human player-characters allows a player to understand what the character is going through. If you’re getting shot at you are most likely paniked and sweaty, in games that happens as well. You feel more attached to the character I believe. You can also recognize how a character is feeling or understands if he/she is out of breathe. I do not think you would be so emotionally attached to the nameless explorer. It would happen though if you were so emotionally attached to yourself, then feeling like another's life was put in your hands.

            Playing with depersonalized characters feels like it is just a representation of yourself or you are acting like the spaceship or box. I believe those games are more technical then they are emotional. Emotional games you put more thought into then strategic games where it is more the likely based on reflexes.


Newman's theory about non-ergodic games would apply to a game's character that a 'onlooker' could have emotional feelings about; relating to the character rather then playing it.


Derek Tickle said:

I think that we (the player) can relate with the characters in the game when they express feelings such as breathing hard or in pain because something major just happened. I also noted in my blog entry that depersonalized characters are simply like a spaceship or box because there is no connection. I think that when you can relate to a character then you become more invovled with the game than if you simply just want to win the level. My blog entries are called, "What are Ergodic Videogames?" and Newman and Juul - J-Web Essay #3"

Brandon Gnesda said:

It seems you, Derek, and myself are all thinking along the same lines. It seems as if the consensus is that we find greater enjoyment in games that we find emotional attachments to the protagonist. It seems that the value of relationships with the player also extend to the observers as well. If you can relate to a character as an onlooker then I believe you are more likely to be interested in actually playing a game. You've formed a relationship without even really trying, just by being engaged and interested with a characters story pulls you in. Where you mention about not being attached to a nameless explorer, why do you think that is? I personally feel its because the author has already expressed that its not important so I almost feel like so why should I be interested. I'm curious as to why you feel that way.

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