March 01, 2005

Response to The Invention of the Human

I have a question. Why is the part of Caliban mostly played by African Americans? I think that is kinda bias. Playing such a character is revolting and damaging to African Americans in my opinion. I understand in the past, that's what African Americans had to do to break the barrier. Another thing about that character bothers me is he is described as a beast. Half wild man and half creature and on top of that he's a slave. That's exactly how slaves were looked at. The fact when you arrange the letters around in his name and it spells canibal.

Another point is when the article refers to the sea. In the text it says everything is dissolves in the Tempest expect the sea. The sea didn't have to dissolved because it was just a tool to create the tempest and to bring everyone together so that their problems can be dissolve. If you think about the play isn't all the way dissolved for the audience. We are left to our imagination about what happens to Caliban. Does he stay on the island or go to with the others?

I liked what W.B.C. Watkins, critic, said about Prospero. The audience lead to believe that Prospero is full of wisdom, but we don't receive any. That makes you think. I guess this answers the question in the article "The Miranda Trap". The question is Prospero god? God provides wisdom for his people. Prospero doesn't give any.

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Response to The Miranda Trap

I thought it was kinda amusing that James' daughter Elizabeth mirrored the character Miranda. I thought I was reading about Miranda's life for a minute. The dependence on the father is so similar. Reading about Elizabeth's son dying was very strange because her fourth son drowned in a tempest.

The point about if Prospero had a son on the island instead of a daughter, would there be a sexual element? The answer is know. Like the article said Miranda is sexual bait. Caliban wouldn't have made sexual advances to Prospero's son, unless he was a homosexual. Another question that arises in my head is, if Miranda wasn't a virgin would Prospero be so quick to jump to Miranda protection? What I mean by this question is Prospero seem to use chastity to keep her under his control. I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

Is Prospero God? Is Caliban the Devil? I would have to answer no. Just because Prospero used his powers to control people and the elements around him doesn't make him God. If someone manipulates another person, does that mean that person is God? No. As far as Caliban being the devil, that's kinda unfair. Just because he father is the devil himself doesn't mean he is the spawn of the devil. Caliban just hated Prospero because he was his master and techniqually Prospero did take over Caliban's island. He did have of plot of having him killed, but it didn't happen. If a person hates another person that doesn't mean they are the devil. They are either too caught in their hatred and/ or scared of the unknown.

I liked Miranda's Epilogue. Spoken like a true modern woman. The fact that the speech confronts Prospero using Miranda as an excuse for enslavement. It also tackles the fact that he referred to her as a foot instead of an individual. This epilogue is a sign of Miranda's independence.

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February 27, 2005

Thoughts On Rewriting The Tempest

Well, I would have to say there are some pretty interesting opinions in this text. For example, the thought about Prospero and Sycorax giving birth to Caliban. I think that idea is little out of the ball park. If you were to research, you would find out that Sycorax died of old age about twelve years before Prospero and Miranda get to the island. Caliban's father was supposed to be the devil. I guess if the devil could be his father whose to say that Prospero isn't. I still think it's out of the park and over a fence kinda idea.

The other opinion that really made my head spin was Suniti Namjoshi's poetry. The article states in the poetry that it is suggested that Caliban was a female. On top of that notion has a lesbian relationship with Miranda. Talking about thinking out of the box!!! I didn't get any thought of that when reading the play.

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February 20, 2005



I'm feeling like I'm in a gas chamber
Inhaling smoke and eyes turn blood shot red,
Nothing, but pain seems to be my companion,
The skull feels like it's about to shatter,
From my confused brain throbbing of wild thoughts.
Now I find myself in an electric chair,
Patiently and waiting until it's time,
It doesn't matter 'cause my heart has die,
Nothing can hurt me, but I'm feeling much pain,
The sweet flaming sparks fly and I fade away.

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February 18, 2005


Tempest: 1. a violent storm with high winds accompanied by rain, hail, or snow 2. a violent outburst

The Tempest and Me

Reading words that Don't seem to make Sense,
Seeking out Help,
But Help turned Down.
Assumptions Occur,
Bobbling around in mind.
Stereotypes, Metaphors, and Similes arise,
Then Forced to Think about,
Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise".
Confusion and Chaos sugarcoated,
And Blackness as a Shield,
Forced to Cannibalize just to Survive.
But just Face the Facts,
The Tempest and Me,
Don't see Eye to Eye.

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