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13, 2005

DeChantal Hall Open House

I was pleasantly surprised at the new dorm complex and the turn out for the dedication and open house. I have not been to many functions like this and I wish I would have gone to the other opening because this was enjoyable. I also got to meet and interview an alumnus from the class of '52. That interview, plus others was a great experience. I am really starting to like interviewing now. I took pictures because I am a camera nut, just click slideshow. They are not the best so I apologize.

Posted by AshleyWelker at 13, 2005 01:33


Wow, you got those photos up quickly. I really like the close-up of the hat.

(I think you need to set the timezone of your weblog. You actually got them up earlier than the date stamp on this blog gentry.)

I was very pleased to see all the interviewing going on today -- not only did the alumni and other visitors enjoy the extra attention, but it really was a great opportunity to try out your interviewing.

I'm looking forward to reading your article.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at 13, 2005 03:04

I had a lot of fun, too. I actually blogged about how professional I felt. Have you ever considered photography or journalism as a career?

Posted by: Katie Lambert at 14, 2005 01:17

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