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28, 2005

Cover Entry for the First Blogging Portfolio

1.) Coverage
Revision vs. Editing
Katie Aikins: A Vintage Purse Discovered
DeChantal Hall Open House
DeChantal Hall Revised News Article
DeChantal vs. Setonian Dechantal
84 Lumber Classic Who Journalists Work for

2.) Depth
DeChantal vs. Setonian DeChantal
84 Lumber Classic
Who Journalists Work for

3.) Interaction
Revision vs. Editing

4.) Discussions
William Rehnquist
Revision vs. Editing

5.) Timeliness
DeChantal Open House

6.) Xenoblogging
Ashley L. Spot News Workshop
Jay P. Reporters Notebook

7.) Wildcard
84 Lumber Classic

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Who Journalists Work For

I like that this chapter was near the begining of The Elements of Journalism. In news writing class we are becoming the journalists. So who do we write for?

That is a good question. The book gave the statistic that "More than 80 percent" of journalists view the audience as their main priority, and who they write to (52). I agree to this, or from what news writing has taught me thus far is to write to the audience. When I was writing my spot news article I had to remind myself of this several times. I would be inserting myself into my story and I had to go back and take myself out because I was not writing this story for just myself to read. I also wanted my readers to feel like they were the ones at the event and not see it through my eyes when I inserted (but took out) such phrases as: "I saw" or "I took the tour." So when I am writing my news articles I always try to keep the audience in mind. Especially my target audience. My target audiences for my spot news story were college students, so I tried to interview other college students.

Who we write for is a very important question that we must answer when we are writing our stories. I understand that I am a novice at news writing and that English essay writing is different from news writing but one thing that is the same is, who we are writing for. There would not be news if there was not an audience to write for. As journalists as well we have to be unbiased and fair so our audience gets the facts and not opinions because the audience wants to make their own opinions on what they have just read. I really do enjoy this book and it this chapter helped me to starting think in the frame of mind of a journalist.

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84 Lumber Classic

In the Tribune Review for September 20th on the back page of the sports section was an article on the 84 Lumber Classic and Jason Gore who won the 84 Lumber Classic this year.

In our homework we were asked to skim through the whole paper but pay attention to the sports or entertainment sections. Well I am an avid sports fan so I paid more attention to the sports section. This story caught my eye because it was the last article on the back page and I had gone on Saturday to the 84 Lumber Classic, in which I got crushed getting Phil Mickelson's autograph but that is a story for later, and I play golf. This article discusses not the 84 Lumber Classic itself or really even Jason Gore. It is more focused on how 84 Lumber will be able to "cash out" on Jason Gore's win. Jason Gore was a sponsor’s exemption and has been the "Cinderella story" this PGA season. He won the 84 Lumber Classic which is his first PGA Tour Win. Congratulations Jason, turns real quick into American capitalism, “Great we will get to use this for next year's tournament and make even more money". I do understand that yes, we are driven by capitalism, but sometimes I do wish that it was not in everything we do. Apparently Joe Hardy and his daughter have already begun planning next years tournament and how the will market it. Well they have a great poster boy in which to market off of.

I did enjoy the 84 lumber classic, and the facilities were just wonderful, every golfers dreams. The greens fees for Mystic Rock are $175.00 if you are not staying at the resort. The tickets for the classic for one day were 20 dollars but I have a friend who works for 84 Lumber and she got them for free for us. It was very enjoyable, and yes they did have big names such as Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Mark O’Maera, Jesper Parnivick, I could go on and on. I just think it is a little quick to start cashing out on Jason Gore for next years Tournament. But I guess even in Golf people have to make a profit somehow.

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DeChantal vs. Setonian DeChantal

Well I have compared my article with the Setonian’s article. Both the author of the setonian article, Meredith Ponczak, and myself had a section of our article on Sister De Chantal Leis.

Meredith's article though went a lot more in-depth on the life of Sister De Chantal than mine did. I had a quote from a ribbon cutter who was an alumnus at Seton Hill and knew Sister De Chantal, she does not have that and I thought of that quote as my pride and joy. It was really enjoyable as well interviewing June Kushon Campbell. Both our articles give some schematics of the new residence hall though Meridith describes it more than I do. I guess I was trying to keep mine shorter than the Setonian Article because I was under that impression that the spot news article should be short and to the point. I really enjoy the Setonian online. When I was done reading Meridith's article on DeChantal Hall I had the option to click and get more articles written by her. I think this online Setonian can be a good resource for me in news writing because I have difficulty with it at times.

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16, 2005

DeChantal Hall Revised News Article

I am real glad that I attended the workshop today. I was able to cut down from a first draft of 662 words to a revised draft of I think like 485 words. News writing is difficult, and I found that out with this exercise. I have learned a lot though through the revision process. I have done my spot news on the DeChantal Hall opening. It was also a good experience to get out and interview people face to face. I still have a lot to work on and develop, like the difference between news writing and literature writing. The workshop this morning helped me a lot though. So here is my first story.
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13, 2005

DeChantal Hall Open House

I was pleasantly surprised at the new dorm complex and the turn out for the dedication and open house. I have not been to many functions like this and I wish I would have gone to the other opening because this was enjoyable. I also got to meet and interview an alumnus from the class of '52. That interview, plus others was a great experience. I am really starting to like interviewing now. I took pictures because I am a camera nut, just click slideshow. They are not the best so I apologize.

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Katie Aikins: A Vintage Purse Discovered.

Here is my peer profile on Katie Aikins. Enjoy!
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08, 2005

Revision vs. Editing

Is anyone else having a hard time doing the revision part on the Peer Profile? I'm a little overwhelmed with everything we have to do with only 300 words as well as all the other stuff due friday. When we had the group discussion of our Peer Profiles I got all positive feedback other than some little editing errors here and there? I didn't get much feedback that anything needed to drastically change. So I guess I am confused in how to revise a 300 word profile without changing it all, when I didn't get much feedback on much that needed to be revised, and I don't see much that needs to be revised. Give me a 5 page essay and I can do plenty of revisions on that. And are we only turning in the rough draft and a highlighted revised final draft? Also what it boils down to is I still really, even after the readings, don't understand how to "news write". Is anyone else out there in the same boat?

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04, 2005

William Rehnquist

So I was at BW3's with some friends tonight to watch the Pitt vs. Notre Dame game, which was a very poor showing by the panthers, and the news cut in briefly to say that Chief Justice William Rehnquist died today. I was in disbelief, I said "Wow I can't believe this", and not one of my friends new who William Rehnquist was and what the this may mean for us and our country. Here is a good online news article I looked up (and I am parital to the Chronicle because I lived in Houston for several years).

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02, 2005

First Blog Entry

I think I will like this blog idea, especailly when it comes to journalism. I think this will be a great way to express my ideas as well as share what i learn in Newswritting.

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