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31, 2005

Chapter 6: Gertrude

I really enjoyed this chapter. I listen and read different results from polls each day and reading this chapter it hit me that, Yes I may not actually know the question the poll asked. How blind have I been? They say in the chapter, "the answers are seldom very meaningful unless you also know about the questions that elicited them" (98). I think as readers and consumers or the news that we are blind to the fact that sometimes people misinterpret the question and that can change the outcome of a poll, or maybe some people just don't understand the question at all and just check a box which can screw the results of a poll. Also it comes down to the fact of how the questions are written. The question may be written so that it is answered how they want it to be. I think we put our faith blindly into polls. After reading this chapter I am going to try to pay more attention to what exactly was the question, and how was it worded, before I make my judgments.

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