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31, 2005

Chapter 6: Gertrude

I really enjoyed this chapter. I listen and read different results from polls each day and reading this chapter it hit me that, Yes I may not actually know the question the poll asked. How blind have I been? They say in the chapter, "the answers are seldom very meaningful unless you also know about the questions that elicited them" (98). I think as readers and consumers or the news that we are blind to the fact that sometimes people misinterpret the question and that can change the outcome of a poll, or maybe some people just don't understand the question at all and just check a box which can screw the results of a poll. Also it comes down to the fact of how the questions are written. The question may be written so that it is answered how they want it to be. I think we put our faith blindly into polls. After reading this chapter I am going to try to pay more attention to what exactly was the question, and how was it worded, before I make my judgments.

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14, 2005

Cover Blogging Portfolio II

Here is my Cover Entry for my blogging portfolio number two. I think I am getting a better grasp on blogging.

1.) Coverage
Morgan Spurlock Lecture
Morgan Spurlock Article
October 11th Trib.
The Elements of Journalism 6-8
Chapter 9
My Editorial

Morgan Spurlock Lecture
October 11th Trib.
The Elements of Journalism 6-8
Chapter 9

3.)Interaction/ Discussion
Breast Cancer Awareness
Morgan Spurlock Article
Just an Observation

Morgan Spurlock Lecture
Mogan Spurlock Article
October 11th Trib.
Chapter 9

Johanna D. Editorial?
Ashlee L. Quarintine
Jenna O. Speed
Katie A. AP 5-7
Jay P. Morgan Spurlock
Leslie R. October 11 Trib.
Lou G. Editorial

Just an Observation

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My Editorial

I choose to do my editorial on an issue that I am very passionate about and that is Breast Cancer Awareness. Feel free to take a look at my article and I am going to submit it to the Setonian.
Download file

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The Way We Were

I could not fall asleep last night so I flipped on the telly and surfed through the channels until I found a movie that I thought would put me to sleep The Way We Were staring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford. It was a GREAT movie, I liked cried and it definitely did not put me to sleep. I also understand now why my mother says Robert Redford was their Brad Pitt, seriously in some of the frames he looked like him. Great romantic but sad movie. It also is very historical. Anyway I just wanted to tell people if they are in on a rainy day go rent The Way We Were! Personally I love Barbra Streisand movies, well earlier movies, The Mirror Has Two Faces wasn't a hit in my book. Just thought I would post a little pop culture in here today, but seriously go check out The Way We Were or A Star is Born.

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Chapter 9

Well we are at the end of The Elements of Journalism and what better a topic to finish with than how to be proportional. We briefly discussed proportionality at the beginning of the semester. I think people tend to forget about being proportional, I know I do. Maybe I should have mentioned in my Morgan Spurlock article a quote from McDonald’s backing up their food, instead of focusing mainly on one side of the story. I liked the analogy that the book gave about cartography and journalism. They state that the journalist who just covers big media stories that are real popular like a big trial is like a cartographer that draws a big map Greenland because it was popular. The journalist who does not check their facts is like a cartographer who puts sea merchants at the corners of the world. These are good examples. They then go on to explain that like a cartographer journalists have to be proportional or then they are not being accurate. When I am covering news stories I am going to try to focus on being more proportional and try to think of these examples to that I will be reminded not to draw my map wrong.

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13, 2005

Just an Observation

So I got back from golf practice today (great article by the way Leslie), and I parked down in the lower lot like usual because that is where am supposed to park. Anyway I walked up from my car to the stairs next to lynch. Actually here are two observations. 1.) What is all the construction going on right there next to lynch? 2.) As I walked to the stairs I could see all the news athletic fields plus the old field. Here is my observation, take what you will. On the new grass soccer field the guys soccer team was practicing, on the really torn up yet "new" grass field the football team uses was the lacrosse team, on the new turn field was the football team, and sharing the crapiest, oldest, smallest of the fields was the women’s field hockey team on one half and the women’s soccer on the other. Just a simple observation.

Also this was a very in-depth issue of the Setonian. It seemed to be bigger than usual. I really enjoy sitting in the cafeteria at lunch and actually seeing a lot of the student body reading the school paper. There were some good articles this issue. Personally I liked the article on the girl’s golf team but I may be biased there. By the way we play regionals in Columbus on Monday! Wish us luck we have a great shot at making nationals this year!!!!

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11, 2005

The Elements of Journalism Chapter 6-8

There was one main thing that I really liked about chapter 6 and that was their explanation of the three different types of investigative journalism. The first type is original investigative reporting, the second is Interpretative investigative reporting, and the third is reporting on investigations. I really liked these parts of this chapter because it made more sense to me what these were from reading about them. The book really describes them well. Original investigative reporting is where the reporter themselves uncover all the information in their story. In interpretative investigative reporting the reporter develops information that they found or someone else had found and arranges it so it "provides deeper public understanding." Reporting on investigations is when a reporter who is covering an investigation finds information that has been leaked to them from information that already has been gathered. Personally I think I would enjoy original investigative reporting because I love to do research and get in there hands on and totally create the story.

I enjoyed chapter seven because it gave a lot of examples. I agree that Journalism is a public forum. News in general is a public forum. As reporters we are constantly interviewing people and doing stories on people or on events that effect people. Journalism provides us with an outlet to criticize things as well as discuss them. The news affects everyone; it affects the public.

I really enjoyed chapter 8 because it brings in story telling into news stories. This chapter discusses how to engage your audience but you must stay relevant to your topic. I mainly liked the end of this chapter when it discussed some ways to be engaging and how to use story telling in news stories. Personally I liked the hour glass. The hour glass is an inverted pyramid with a pause in the middle for a story. The book suggests using this to add something new to your style of news writing to keep the audience engaged. I also agree that you have to give them pictures that they can create in their mind when you write a story and that you do not want to be boring or "on the nose".

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October 11th Trib.

So the assignment was to skim to through the paper but try to find an editorial that we would like to discuss. I enjoy reading the newspaper so much more than watching the news on TV. I feel as if I get more information this way. Some things I found interesting in today's newspaper are the articles on "Quarantine" and the "Bird Flu". Is any one else a little afraid of what might happen is we are stuck with a flu pandemic. Every time I hear the word "Quarantine" I think of that movie with Dustin Hoffman called "Outbreak". I think it is a scary thought and from the article on page A6 by Grant Peck just helped to increase that fear because he interviewed scientist who say it is likely that we will see a pandemic in our lifetime.

In other news I am a sports fanatic so I regularly check out the sports page. Maybe good news for the Pirates if they do indeed hire Jim Tracy as the new manager. He had a good record with the Dodgers so maybe thing will start to look up for the pirate. I am a bug fan of all sports in Pittsburgh. I usually make it to about 5-6 pirate game a season and about 5-6 penguin games. I have not yet been able to get tickets for a Steelers game but i watch them religiously on Sunday’s. (And how about The Bus last night!)

I looked at the editorial page in today's paper whish is some what new to me because I rarely read the Opinions page because when I read the paper I want news not opinions. Today there was a great editorial on page A13 dealing with earthquakes. In class we learned that there are three main reason for an editorial (and the best ones will include two or all three of these things): persuasion, inform, and entertainment. This article on earthquakes does all three. It informs us about earthquakes and our chance of getting a big one on US soil. It persuades us to pay more attention to earthquakes, and at the end it has a little humor when it talks about a whisky house. I think this is a great example of what we are trying to learn about editorials. I will try to use this as a model for my own editorial. I know this author mainly focuses on the San Andreas fault but here is some information about faults that might impact us on the eastern side of the US.

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07, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Article

Here is my finished article covering the Morgan Spurlock Lecture. Give it a look, I really enjoyed writing it and I am glad I got to attend the lecture. Also thanks to everyone who helped in the worksop today. I am so glad we get to worshop our stories, it realyl does help a lot. Download file

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06, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Lecture

Wow what a great experience. I think I will be telling my kids about this lecture. He had great command of the stage, was very funny, and I think it fit well with the "Inspiring Perspective" Lecture series the school is having this year. I don't think I will be able to eat at McDonalds for awhile. I stayed after and got his autograph and asked him what was one of the most positive experience that he has had with doing the movie. He replied that one of his best stories is that his movie (Super Size Me) was shown to a middle school. The students were so disgusted by what they were being fed at school from what they saw in the movie and within 2 weeks the whole middle school were bringing in packed lunches. Morgan said, "If 13 year olds can do it, why can't we?" Anyway it was a great experience and I had a great time. Here are some pictures that I took during and after the lecture.

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05, 2005

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tell your mothers and aunts and friends to go get their mammograms, the key to living a long life is catching it early! Wow, things have really come far since my mother died of breast cancer in 1993. They are able to detect it even earlier now and the treatments are not as harsh as they were when my mother had it. So for people who are not well educated on it here is a great website I found from a TV comercial. Also I encourage everyone to take a look at this Race For a Cure Website; it has links to the Susan G. Komen website.

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