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11, 2005

October 11th Trib.

So the assignment was to skim to through the paper but try to find an editorial that we would like to discuss. I enjoy reading the newspaper so much more than watching the news on TV. I feel as if I get more information this way. Some things I found interesting in today's newspaper are the articles on "Quarantine" and the "Bird Flu". Is any one else a little afraid of what might happen is we are stuck with a flu pandemic. Every time I hear the word "Quarantine" I think of that movie with Dustin Hoffman called "Outbreak". I think it is a scary thought and from the article on page A6 by Grant Peck just helped to increase that fear because he interviewed scientist who say it is likely that we will see a pandemic in our lifetime.

In other news I am a sports fanatic so I regularly check out the sports page. Maybe good news for the Pirates if they do indeed hire Jim Tracy as the new manager. He had a good record with the Dodgers so maybe thing will start to look up for the pirate. I am a bug fan of all sports in Pittsburgh. I usually make it to about 5-6 pirate game a season and about 5-6 penguin games. I have not yet been able to get tickets for a Steelers game but i watch them religiously on Sunday’s. (And how about The Bus last night!)

I looked at the editorial page in today's paper whish is some what new to me because I rarely read the Opinions page because when I read the paper I want news not opinions. Today there was a great editorial on page A13 dealing with earthquakes. In class we learned that there are three main reason for an editorial (and the best ones will include two or all three of these things): persuasion, inform, and entertainment. This article on earthquakes does all three. It informs us about earthquakes and our chance of getting a big one on US soil. It persuades us to pay more attention to earthquakes, and at the end it has a little humor when it talks about a whisky house. I think this is a great example of what we are trying to learn about editorials. I will try to use this as a model for my own editorial. I know this author mainly focuses on the San Andreas fault but here is some information about faults that might impact us on the eastern side of the US.

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Just and update about this but after I blogged about the "Bird Flu" last night on three different news channels (MSNBC, CNN, NBC) they had cover stories on it. Yeah those definitely made me more sacred. Also CNN did a brief story on the likelihood of earthquakes in the eastern part of the United States which was pretty interesting. I was once in an earthquake out in California. Back in 1993 I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in Mission Viejo California when midnight one night a big earthquake hit and my Uncle ran into the room and told my sister and I to get up (I rolled off the bed onto my sister). I was about 8-9 I think and it was really scary. They had a huge two story house and in the foyer hanging from the ceiling there was a huge chandelier. I remember having to squish against the wall on the stairs because the chandelier was swinging violently around in a circle. We went outside and stood on the driveway and just shook and watched everything else just shake. It was really scary. When it was over we went back into the house and some windows and glass display cases broke from things falling, and there was glass everywhere.

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