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11, 2005

AP Guide Chapter 9-10

I like how simple the AP Guide is. The chapters are short and to the point. These are great chapters because they discuss important issues in when we write a news article. First we need to be "colorful". This means that we need to use imagery and description to add color to our stories but they do warn do NOT go over board with color or then the story does not turn out right. Next we are not supposed to use clichés that often. I understand the point of this chapter totally. I myself am a cliché freak, I admit it. I am sure I use some everyday when I speak. I do not use them in my writing though because they just don't fit there. Now the book doesn’t state never ever use a cliché but it says only use one in a story or avoid them if you can. Also I so understand the section on how it is better to use clichés in sports because you can only say strike or win so much before people will get bored of it. When I think about using clichés in sports I always think of the announcer for the penguins on TV. He always says great little things instead of saying Goal! I also noticed on Monday night football this past Monday Al Michales used a lot of clichés because there are only so many words for the term sacked. These are good chapter to focus on when writing a news story. You don't want to be to colorful but you want to use color and then try to avoid using a lot of clichés.

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