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11, 2005


I liked that Dr. Jerz gave us those handouts on Crime and Crime reporting. It is funny now to watch Law and Order and I am like, "Oh there are in this stage of the process" or when they say arraignment part 20 I actually know what and where arraignment is in the process. I really enjoyed the exercise where we were given a bunch of facts and told to write a story. Personally I did not have as hard of a time on this as I thought I would and I though I got a pretty decent story out. It is hard to work under time constraints though. Crime reporting, as I have found out with many things in this class, is just another way of reporting but it is different from what we have learned thus far. I have enjoyed crime reporting the most so far in this class. I don't know why but I find it easier to write and more interesting at times. I wish we could take a field trip to like a court room and see a trial or something :)I look forward to the lab on crime in today's class.

Posted by AshleyWelker at 11, 2005 08:58


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