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11, 2005

Media Law

I really liked this chapter in the AP stylebook on Media Law. Now I myself am not a journalism major but I really do like the AP Stylebook. It is really helpful and not only does it have definitions and terms but it also has the section on sports writing and media law. It is funny after I read the chapter on media law I can't stop using it in every day life. If I see on the news or on a TV show some one using slander that they could be liable for or a fictional court case of law and order because of media law I think to myself "I read about that!" Also now I understand when things like that come up. At first when I saw the media law chapter I was like this will be boring because it will just be a bunch of laws. But it was not boring and it gave great information in an easy way to understand. As for the AP stylebook I may actually keep the book because it is so helpful.

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