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02, 2005

WTD Chapter 7

"The coverage of important events by nonprofessional journalists is only part of the story. What also matters is the fact that people are having their say."
I liked how Gillmor opened this chapter by discussing the story of an Iraqi citizen who blogged about the war and protests going on in Iraq. This person was not a journalists but he was able to cover an important event as well as talk about how he felt. I will admit that it is awesome that blogs have created this atmosphere. The average person can now have their voice heard by people who read their blogs. As we know as well going into google and typing your name will pull up some of your blog entries. This spreads this phenomenon. I am glad that we have blogging. Every single person has their own opinion and personally I enjoy reading other peoples opinion. Not only do we get to voice our thoughts but we are able to be the journalists. Our blogs may not be "print news" but we cover the stories as well now in our own way. That is really cool. I blogged back a couple months about on the night that I heard that Chief Justice Rehnquist died; I was covering the major story and lending in my opinion to the subject. No one can admit they don't like doing this.

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