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02, 2005

WTM Chapter 10

"It was a reminder that the Net is a medium that grants great freedom, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Law applies online and off..."(191).
Finally we get to the stuff dealing with the LAW; big word. The book up to this point was cheerful and telling us how great blogging is, and it really is. and this is the "BUT" chapter. I am sure many people to this day still think that the internet and their blogs is a place where they can say anything they darn well please. Well Gillmor tells us that we can't do that. Online sources are now just as liable as regular print media. Just because we type our thoughts in cyber space does not mean that we are floating outside the jurisdiction of the law. I enjoyed the chapter because it was really informative. This chapter, and other chapters in the book on law and copyright issues, definitely need to be in the book. As a bloggers we need to know the dangers and consequences faced with what we blog about.

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