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02, 2005

WTM Chapter 4

I really enjoyed this chapter. It was interesting yet funny. I don't surf the web much so it was interesting to see that even no corporations have their own blogs! That is interesting. I am sure, as he does say in this chapter, they don't tell us everything, but who wants to "air their dirty laundry" on the internet, so that is understandable. He goes on in the chapter to say that blogs for corporations is a good PR tool. I agree with that. It gets the consumer closer than ever to the thoughts of a company or even a CEO blog. Also consumers are able to comment on these blogs, thus feeling like they have a say in what happens in a multi million dollar company.
Also this chapter was funny talking about celebrity blogs. After Jenna did her presentation I definitely went on the web later that night to see what celebrity blogs I could fine. That is cool in a way that now we get to see what the "bug stars" are thinking, again as consumers we like that.
Lastly I wanted to end with the ending of his chapter. I enjoyed that he had 10 rules for marketing and PR people who use blogs. I liked this rule that goes back to my original paragraph some what:
"Help out by offering more, not less. Make sure your website has everything a journalist might need. That includes picture, audio, video, charts, and plain old text- and make sure it's easy to find. If journalists can find, costumers can, too" (86.) Now he is not saying put out your dirty laundry but do put out stuff. Don't make the content bland and boring or no one would want to read it or visit the blog site. Blogging itself like this is a great PR tool. It would be more beneficial to companies who did this because like he said consumers will be able to see the information too.

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